Girls love to color pictures that have something feminine or tender in them. This retains their interest and provides them with a better opportunity to learn the art. If you want to teach the art of coloring to kids, especially girls, you need to download the free coloring pages for girls from the website. These pictures vary in the context and difficulty level. Here are fifteen coloring pages for girls, and you can download the required ones.

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Free Disney Coloring Page for Girls

This is the picture of a beautiful girl, with a cage in her hand. There is an ant inside the cage. This picture is of moderate difficulty level and can be downloaded for coloring purposes. You may also see Coloring Pages For Kids.

Free Crown Coloring Page

This picture shows a large crown. The curves and turns of the object are to be colored with care. The kids can use innovative color combinations for coloring this crown. You may also see Hello Kitty Coloring Pages.

Free Carribean Theme Coloring Page

Children are fond of marine life. This picture shows a fish, octopus, crab and a starfish under the water. The small creatures need to be colored with care so that they do not get smudged. You may also see Mandala Coloring Pages.

Free Pretty Girl Coloring Page

This coloring picture is ideal for the pre-nursery girls. They can use vibrant colors to color the picture. This is an easy piece of drawing for the girls. You may also see Abstract Coloring Pages.

Groovy Girls Coloring page

In this picture, there are several girls playing various instruments. They are in a cheerful mood and the kids have to careful so that the colors remain within the images and so not come out of the hair.

Kitten Love Coloring Page


Girls are fond of a kitten. If you want them to stay engaged with the art, you can provide these pictures of a kitten to them. There are a few abstract elements in the template to be colored.

American Girl Coloring Page

In this picture, a little, healthy girl with long hair has to be painted. This is quite an easy piece of coloring picture and there are no complex elements in this image.

Free Monster Coloring Page

Kids find monsters and demons quite familiar to their imagination. In this picture, a monster has to be colored. This one requires skillful hands to be colored and is a bit difficult.

Free Mermaid Coloring Page

In this template, a fairy-like figure has been depicted. The children can be quite innovative while they color this picture. You can download the template free of cost.

Free Printable Coloring Page

The key elements to be painted in this picture are some clothes for girls. The patterns inside these attires need to be colored using vibrant shades and colors.

Free Fairy Coloring Page

Fairies are all-time favorites for kids, especially girls. In this picture, a close-up figure of a fairy is presented. Different color shades are to be incorporated to color the fairy.

Free Editable Coloring Page

The kids will enjoy coloring the funny figure of a girl in this picture. The picture can be edited according to specific requirements and can be downloaded for free.

Happy Birthday Coloring Page

Images of birthday parties are always attractive. The kids will enjoy coloring the cake and the children around it using vibrant colors. The balloons in the picture also need to be colored vibrantly.

Free Medieval Coloring Page

This is the picture of a woman wearing a long gown. It is easy to color the page. The folds of the gown are to be colored with care and precaution to make the picture beautiful.

Fully Customized Coloring page

You can download this editable page, having the picture of some girls enjoying a party or a dance. They can be colored in bright shades to make the picture lively.

Barbie Pony Tale Coloring Page


Girls Party Coloring Page


Beautiful Coloring Page for Girls


Anime Girl Coloring Page


How to use these “Free Coloring Pages for Girls”?

All these pages are available free of cost on the website. You just need to download them and provide your kids with these templates. In case you are a trainer, you may need lots of these templates, as the skills of the children vary from one child to another. Moreover, the variety of templates will also make the learning process interesting for the kids. There are different elements to be colored, and these will engage the kids when they learn the art of coloring.

If you need free printable coloring pages, you can browse through the website and collect the required templates. These are available in downloadable formats and you can customize them as per your requirements. You can also edit them before downloading. Choose the right pictures for the kids to practice and make them learn with fun. You may also see Christmas Coloring Pages.

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