Though far off from May 14, 2017, we may be of the same mind that one can never be too prepared for Mother’s Day. It’s that one day of the year meant to celebrate the women who reared us, brought us up with all the tender loving care they could give and a sprinkling of verbal, psychological, and physical . . . er . . . admonishments.

So what do you do for that special lady in your life on such a special day?

Perhaps these Free Greetings may help you out with that. Beautiful, thoughtful, and free for you to download!

Happy Mother’s Day Floral Greeting

Happy Mother'S Day Floral Greeting

Mother’s Day Funny Greeting

Mothers Day Funny Greeting


Religious Mother’s Day Greeting

Religious Mothers Day Greetings


Printable Mother’s Day Greeting

Printable Mothers Day Greetings


Free Mother’s Day Greeting

Free Mother's Day Greetings


Unique Mother’s Day Greeting

Unique Mothers Day Greetings


Mommy, Mom, Mama, Mother

While the person we recognize as our mother comes in different forms—perhaps it’s the woman who gave birth to you or sassy Aunt Becky, who gave you your first “birds and the bees” talk—so do these totally free Mother’s Day greeting cards! Much like these Free Birthday Greetingsyou can also customize these, say, add a few more words and a picture of your mom smack-dab in the middle.

As you can see here, there’s a wide variety, a huge array of options to choose from:

  • Florals for days. Women love flowers, so ’nuff said. The great thing about the floral arrangements in these cards is the fact that they don’t carry pollen, so those who are allergic can enjoy them without the sniffles!
  • Keeping it simple. The ever so straightforward illustration of a mother and her child with the words “Happy Mother’s day” is beautiful in its simplicity.
  • Cute cartoons. There’s a reason for animation films being mainly family movies: no one’s really too old for cartoons. Of course, Mum’s gonna love any of the cartoony ones here. 
  • The proverbial. Any mother can surely appreciate the very apt Bible verses included.

Beautiful Mother’s Day Greeting

Beautiful Mothers Day Greetings


Animated Mother’s Day Greeting

Animated Mothers Day Greeting


Mother’s Day Greeting Background

Mothers Day Greeting Background

Mother’s Day Greeting Quotes

Mother's Day Greeting Quotes


Typographical Mother’s Day Greeting

Typographical Mothers Day Greeting


Mum’s the Word

With this collection of free Mother’s Day greeting cards at your disposal, you can gain inspiration and prep for the day itself. Again, you can never be too ready. It is, after all, our mothers we are talking about.

But in the thick of all that preparation and on the day itself, keep in mind the very reason for them: to make her happy.

  • You can write or compose all the Pulitzer Prize–worthy material dedicated to her.
  • You can create an award-winning film in her honor.
  • You can name a star or an entire constellation after her (well, if you have that kind of money anyway).
  • And remember that you shouldn’t ever be doing any of that for the sake of vanity, merely to impress her and perhaps a few more people around her.

Throw in a few acts of service (we think they ought to be called acts of love) here and there:

  • do the housework for her,
  • give her a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your own home,
  • tell her you love her.

These alone can put that million-dollar smile on her face.

As the saying goes, “A happy mum won’t make you a bum!” At least we think that’s how it goes.

(By the way, if it happens to be her birthday as well, you might wanna check out these Happy Birthday Greetings.)

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