Almost everyone likes cartoon and animations. Therefore animated wallpapers are one of the most popular choices in the internet. Animated wallpapers are also one of the best reflections of high quality creative expressed through the technical medium of Photoshop. These wallpapers can be used in a lot of ways, from website background to wallpaper on a personal computer. They are also good for making fliers and posters.

Little Big Planet Marvel Wallpaper

Little Big Planet Marvel WallpaperSource

In this wallpaper there are animated miniatures of the characters from the world of marvel comics, like Spiderman, wolverine, hulk, storm and others. Marvel comics has a huge fan base, therefore this wallpaper is popular.

Monster University Animated Wallpaper

Monster University Animated WallpaperSource

This animated wallpaper is designed after the popular animation film titled the Monster’s University. These could be an interesting choice for a theme related to an education center or training institute, especially one for young people and kids.

High Quality Animated Wallpaper

High Quality Animated WallpaperSource

Animated Animals HD Wallpaper

Animated Animals HD WallpaperSource

This is essentially for the kids or the young at heart. This wallpaper has pictures of different animals in their animated looks. This is made after the film Madagascar, which was quite popular and thus many people will prefer this wallpaper, that too in HD

Animated Smiley Widescreen Wallpaper

Animated Smiley WidescreeWallpaperSource

This animated wallpaper has smileys shaped like stars all over the place. The background is deep bottle green on which three dimensional animated stars could be seen. The wallpaper is bright and peppy and suited for computers as wallpaper.

Animated Wallpapers For Desktop

Animated Wallpapers For desktopSource

This animated wallpaper shows the picture of an aquarium with blue water, and colorful fishes of various sizes and shapes. The color combination is quite striking and cheerful, and therefore the image is eye catching.

Marvellous Animated Pigeons Wallpaper

Marvellous Animated WallpapersSource

This is beautiful wallpaper with blue skies and white and grey pigeons flying around with fig leaves. This wallpaper symbolizes liberty and peace, and thus can be used in posters or flyers on a related theme.

Extrordinary Animated Wallpapers

Extrordinary Animated WallpapersSource

Free Animation Wallpapers For You

Free Animation Wallpapers For YouSource

Animated Flower Petals Wallpaper

Animated Flower Petals WallpaperSource

This image has brilliant bright flower petals covering the major portion of the screen. In contrast to the petals, the color of the background is dark, with animated butterflies highlighted in luminous color flying around the flower.

Funny Animated Wallpaper

Funny Animated WallpaperSource

Animals are one of the most important themes of the animated wallpapers. The popularity of such themes increases when animals are shown doing hilarious things; this type of wallpapers are preferred by young and old alike.

 Animated Dreamy World Wallpaper

Animated Dreamy world WallpaperSource

The wallpapers of this category, more often than not are likely to show fairytale castles situated in picturesque locations. The dream like qualities of this type of wallpaper increases its appeal for the viewer.

Animated  Desktop Backgrounds Wallpaper

Animated Desktop BAckgroundsWallpaperSource

Animated Jesus Desktop Wallpaper

Animated Jesus Desktop WallpaperSource

Animated Sky Angel Wallpaper

Animated Sky Angel WallpaperSource

Orange Sunset Animated Wallpaper

Orange Sunset Animated WallpaperSource

Breathtakingly beautiful pictures are also made into good looking wallpapers. The stunningly beautiful orange sunset is one of such wallpapers, and could be used with various themes.

Cartoon Animated Wallpaper

Cartoon Animated WallpaperSource

There is hardly anyone who does not like cartoons. People therefore like to use wallpaper which has their favorite cartoon character in it. These types of wallpapers are also good for some types of posters, and websites.

Beautiful Animated Toys Wallpaper

Beautiful Animated Toys WallpaperSource

Avatar Animation Movie Wallpaper

Avatar Animation Movie WallpaperSource

Avatar is one of the famous science fiction movies to be made in recent times, and it has been made into wallpapers that have the main characters of the film. These will appeal to a specific audience and will go well with certain themes which have relation to science fiction.

Animated Frog Burger Wallpaper

Animated Frog Burger WallpaperSource

Pixar Brave Animated Wallpaper

Pixar Brave Animated WallpaperSource

Another of the successful animation films titled brave too inspired the creation of wallpapers, where the main characters of the movie is depicted in various activities. This is also very popular wallpaper.

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