Watching the sight of your favorite color wash across your desktop throughout the day is the favorite thing of innumerable people. There is a lot that’s been said and written about people’s attachment and association with colors. A lot of people feel very strongly about certain colors because the affect them in a particular way and so they religiously seek it or avoid it. Well, in this post, we don’t want to take you away from any color; instead we are hoping to help you strengthen your color bonds. For fans of the yellow color, this post is good news. We bring to you an admirable collection of Yellow Backgrounds.

Yellow Rose Bud Wallpaper

Yellow Rose Bud WallpaperSource

Abstract Yellow Wallpaper

Abstract Yellow WallpaperSource

Beautiful Lily Wallpaper

Beautiful Yellow Lily WallpaperSource

Yellow Chevrolet Camaro Wallpaper

Yellow Chevrolet Camaro WallpaperSource

Beautiful Yellow & Red Tulips Wallpaper

Beautiful Yellow & Red Tulips WallpaperSource

The color yellow is naturally associated with sentiments of cheer, happiness and joy. Seeing the color yellow is said to have positive effects on one’s mental energy, thereby stimulating better focus and attention. It is also a color that signifies qualities of honesty, intellect and loyalty. However, when picking a yellow wallpaper for your desktop bear in mind, yellow is a very spontaneous color so unless it the right kind of your yellow, it’s not going to have a desired effect on lifting your mood and spirits.

Yellow Lamborghini Wallpaper

Yellow Lamborghini WallpaperSource

Amazing Yellow Wave Background

Amazing Yellow Wave BackgroundSource

Tulipanes Yellow Flower Wallpaper

Tulipanes Yellow Flower WallpaperSource

Beautiful Yellow Daffodils Wallpaper

Beautiful Yellow Daffodils WallpaperSource

Yellow Flower Petals Wallpaper

Yellow Flower Petals WallpaperSource

In our compilation we have taken color of given you the happiness yellow, the shade of yellow which evokes optimism and joy. The best shades of yellow can obviously be found in nature – skies, vast fields, fruits, even building structures if you will. All of our selections are HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers.

Yellow Stains & Lines Wallpaper

Yellow Stains & Lines WallpaperSource

Abstract Yellow Swirls Wallpaper

Abstract Yellow Swirls WallpaperSource

Bunch of Yellow Roses Wallpaper

Bunch of Yellow Roses WallpaperSource

Yellow Narcissus Wallpaper

Yellow Narcissus WallpaperSource

Yellow Chrysanthemum Wallpaper

Yellow Chrysanthemum WallpaperSource

Porsche Cayman Yellow Wallpaper

Porsche Cayman Yellow WallpaperSource

Yellow Daffodils in Purple Heather Wallpaper

Yellow Daffodils in Purple Heather WallpaperSource

Yellow Eranthis Herald of Spring Wallpaper

Yellow Eranthis Herald of Spring WallpaperSource

Yellow Flower in a Cup Wallpaper

Yellow Flower in a Cup WallpaperSource

1969 Camero Z-28 Yellow Wallpaper

1969 Camero Z/28 Yellow WallpaperSource

Beautiful Golden Flower Macro Wallpaper

Beautiful Golden Flower Macro WallpaperSource

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