When the words ‘Walt Disney’ are uttered, the first thing or character which almost naturally comes on your lips would be ‘Mickey Mouse’. The legendary cartoon character has been a part of innumerable childhoods across the years and decades. No matter how much the world may have progressed, when it comes to animation and cartoons, very few cartoon characters still enjoy the stardom, popularity and fandom Mickey Mouse continues to enjoy. The fact that Mickey Mouse has remained etched in public memory is testimony to the fact that Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character which is timeless. Paying tribute to that sentiment, in this article we have put together a collection of the most amazing Disney Wallpapers which you could use to personalize your computer desktops with.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wallpaper

Mickey & Minnie Mouse WallpaperSource

Mickey Mouse on Paint Tube Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse on Paint Tube WallpaperSource

Mickey Mouse on Magic Mat Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse on Magic Mat WallpaperSource

Mickey & Minnie Mouse with Ship Wheel

Mickey & Minnie Mouse with Ship WheelSource

Grass Mickey Mouse Wallpaper

Grass Mickey Mouse WallpaperSource

One thing is for sure. As you’ve reached to this point of the article, in your mind, a windfall of Mickey Mouse moments and memories would have already started to unravel. That’s the success of Mickey Mouse for you! When Disney set out to create the cartoon character out of a mouse, little did anyone know a legendary cartoon was getting created? Mickey Mouse distinctive appeal lies from its head to toe. Mickey Mouse made its debut in 1928 and the popularity and legend has not stopped growing ever since. He’s been all over the places!

Mickey & Pluto Wallpaper

Mickey & Pluto WallpaperSource

Disney Mickey Mouse Wallpaper

Disney Mickey Mouse WallpaperSource

Mickey Mouse Cartoon Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse Cartoon WallpaperSource

Awesome Mickey Mouse Wallpaper

Awesome Mickey Mouse WallpaperSource

Dark Mickey Mouse For You

Dark Mickey Mouse For YouSource

Minnie Mouse Kissing Mickey Wallpaper

Minnie Mouse Kissing Mickey WallpaperSource

Valentines Day Minnie & Mickey Wallpaper

Valentines Day Minnie & Mickey WallpaperSource

Scroll through our collection of Mickey Mouse HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers. Every wallpaper features Mickey in his best avatars.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse Halloween WallpaperSource

Disney Mickey Mouse World Wallpaper

Disney Mickey Mouse World WallpaperSource

Mickey Mouse Christmas Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse Christmas WallpaperSource

Mickey Mouse Club House Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse Club House WallpaperSource

Disney Mickey Mouse Red Wallpaper

Disney Mickey Mouse Red WallpaperSource

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Hug Each Other

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Hug Each OtherSource

Mickey & Donald Duck Wallpaper

Mickey & Donald Duck WallpaperSource

Mickey Mouse Santa Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse Santa WallpaperSource

Mickey Mouse Painting Wallpaper

Mickey Mouse Painting WallpaperSource

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