The Outer space has been a constant subject of fascination for human beings. It is intriguing that there is world up there which is so distinct and mysterious yet it influences our life on planet Earth in great ways. Of all the celestial objects which we get introduced to in our lifetime, planets come first. When the words Outer Space Backgrounds are talked about, our first associations are the sun, moon, stars and planets – not necessarily in that order. Planets of course, we love them. One of the first science lessons taught in school is the ‘Solar system.’ Everyone knows solar system is made up of planets.

Planet on Clouds Wallpaper

Planet on Clouds WallpaperSource

Amazing Planet Space View Wallpaper

Amazing Planet Space View WallpaperSource

Planet Earth Wallpaper

Planet Earth WallpaperSource

Planets Astronomy Wallpaper

Planets Astronomy WallpaperSource

Digital Planets Wallpaper

Digital Planets WallpaperSource

That’s exactly how the rendezvous with planets begin. Planets are amazing celestial objects. If you want to see exactly how beautiful the planets are, check out our inspirational set of Planets Wallpapers we have got for you lined up in this post.The word ‘planet’ in the broader sense holds varying significance in four areas – science, history, religion and mythology. In scientific terms of course, planets constitute to make the ‘Solar system’.

Awesome Planets Wallpaper

Awesome Planets WallpaperSource

9 Planets in Space Wallpaper

9 Planets in Space WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Planet Wallpaper

Sci Fi Planet WallpaperSource

Fabulous Planets Wallpaper

Fabulous Planets WallpaperSource

Planet Wallpaper For Free

Planet Wallpaper For FreeSource

Space Planets HD Wallpaper

Space Planets HD WallpaperSource

Planets Abstract Wallpaper

Planets Abstract WallpaperSource

There are nine planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Each of them is different is size, shape and nature. Scientific outlets have, over the years, shared images of the planets and their movements and other activities.Taking inspiration from planetary designs and actions, designers have produced high quality HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers. Scroll through the admirable collection and be charmed!

Satellite Between Planets Wallpaper

Satellite Between Planets WallpaperSource

Sun Ring HD Wallpaper

Sun Ring HD WallpaperSource

New Dawn Planet Wallpaper

New Dawn Planet WallpaperSource

Fantastic Planet Wallpaper

Fantastic Planet WallpaperSource

Five Planets at Castell de Burriac

Five Planets at Castell de BurriacSource

Excellent Space Planets HD Wallpaper

Excellent Space Planets HD WallpaperSource

Planets Collide Wallpaper

Planets Collide WallpaperSource

Planets & Sun Wallpaper

Planets & Sun WallpaperSource

Red Planet Space Wallpaper

Red Planet Space WallpaperSource

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