The world of science fiction is a fascinating one. Thanks to this genre you’re at least able to enjoy the sights of the futuristic worlds much before they actually become possible (or not, who knows.) Ever since technology has been making everything imaginable become possible (by design, at least), fans of science fiction have been a satisfied bunch. However, designers are always working on exploring new extremes in this genre, and the fans are always tuned into welcoming whatever comes their way. In our own little way, we decided to feed on the science fiction frenzy. In this post, we have got for you a mind-blowing collection of  which will help you celebrate your love for science fiction, every time you look at your computer desktop.

Sci Fi Apocalypse Wallpaper

Sci Fi Apocalypse WallpaperSource

Sci Fi HD Space Wallpaper

Sci Fi HD Space WallpaperSource

Amazing Sci-fi City Wallpaper

Amazing Sci-fi City WallpaperSource

Sci Fi  Space Ship Wallpaper

Sci Fi Space Ship WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Space Wallpaper

Sci Fi Space WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Girl face Art Wallpaper

Sci Fi Girl face Art WallpaperSource

Science fiction is a very elaborate category. It consists of several sub-genres. As science fiction centers around presenting futuristic worlds and scenarios, many other design dimensions come into play. Science fiction after all, is all about pushing imagination to create content which is beyond conventional.

Sci Fi Apocalyptic Wallpaper

Sci Fi Apocalyptic WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Atmosphere Wallpaper

Sci Fi Atmosphere WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Christmas Wallpaper

Sci Fi Christmas WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Space Travelers

Sci Fi Space TravelersSource

Sci Fi Underworld Wallpaper

Sci Fi Underworld WallpaperSource

Avengers Age of Ultron Sci Fi Wallpaper

Avengers Age of Ultron Sci Fi WallpaperSource

Science fiction wallpapers combine elements from many science fiction branches such as: hard science fiction, pulp science fiction, visionary art, fantastic realism, cyberpunk art, social science fiction art, comic science fiction, new wave science fiction, gothic science fiction etc. All of the them are offshoots of Modern science fiction which get incorporated in today’s science fiction wallpapers.For more understanding and excitement scroll through our realm of HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers.

Sci Fi City Futuristic Wallpaper

Sci Fi City Futuristic WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Space Planets HD Wallpaper

Sci Fi Space Planets HD WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Space War Wallpaper

Sci Fi Space War WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Planets Wallpaper

Sci Fi Planets WallpaperSource

Dark Space Sci Fi Nebula Wallpaper

Dark Space Sci Fi Nebula WallpaperSource

Free Sci Fi Background Wallpaper

Free Sci Fi Background WallpaperSource

Sci Fi Vehicle Wallpaper

Sci Fi Vehicle WallpaperSource

Magnificent Sci Fi Wallpaper For You

Magnificent Sci Fi Wallpaper For YouSource

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