If you are a designer, the last of the calendar has always been very busy as well as fulfilling for you. Not only that you have to create some exclusive designs every year for the desktop wallpapers but also because you can try experimenting with the traditional design icons and create something unique marking your own signature. The plethora of design templates available for free download which can be easily edited and placed into the editing software to create the New Year themes suitable for the desktops as well as for the laptops.

New Year Desktop Wallpaper 2016

Beautiful Happy New Year Wallpaper 2016 for Desktop

Happy New Year Wallpaper with Fireworks Effects

Beautiful New Year Eve Wallpaper with Colorful Fireworks

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas HD Wallpaper

Happy New Year Wallpaper

Awesome 2016 New Year Wallpaper

Very Stylish Happy New Year HD Wallpaper

Making it different every time

Using the same vector elements of design to make new designs might be a difficult task, but this is what the challenge is and this is what possibly keeps up the spirit of a designer. The New Year theme for the desktop wallpapers ought to be of vibrant colors and sometimes also need to have some personalized texts. The block colors can make the set the spirit of the new beginning and the texts written on it are marked with distinguished colors to make them readable even from a distance.

Very Elegant New Year Desktop Wallpaper 2016

 Colorful Starry New Year Wallpaper for Your Desktop

Download Free Happy New Year Desktop Wallpaper

New Year HD Desktop Wallpaper

New Year 2016 Wallpaper Free Download for Desktop

Happy New Year 2016 with Colorful Flying Balloons

New Year 216 Celebrations Wallpaper

Free Happy New Year Celebration Wallpaper


Design with style

The jpg or the png formats of the designs are popularly used by the designers as they are supported by all the versions of Photoshop and are easy to work on. The high definition designs for the desktop wallpapers can also be created with the PSD files. To write the text for the wallpaper, choose from the variety of text fonts available. The wallpaper can set the mark of the celebration even when you are far away from your friends and family!

Happy New Year Glitters Balls Wallpaper

Purple 2016 merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wallpaper

Stunning HD Desktop Wallpaper

3D New Year HD Desktop Wallpaper


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