Vintage things have their own special appeal. They are blessed with the capacity of transporting people to another era altogether. Vintage things not only speak about fine taste, but also have an aura of aristocracy in them, which makes so noteworthy. A lot of people nowadays are opting for vintage backgrounds which make their phone look different and amazing. Check out the below given backgrounds which can help you to give your phone a vintage look.

Inspirational iPhone 6 Background Wallpaper with Vintage Effect


This image of inspirational iPhone 6 background wallpaper with vintage effect is designed on a lime green background. There is no image used, instead the lyrics of Dave Matthews band “you might die trying” is etched in different calligraphic font.

Vintage Micro Photography Water Bubbled iPhone Wallpaper

Beautiful Vintage Micro Photography Water Bubbled iPhone Wallpaper

This sample of vintage micro photography water bubbled iPhone wallpaper is designed on the backdrop of the setting sun. A small leaf is seen from inside a glass bubble. Except the bubble everything is blurred out, which gives the image a beautiful look.

Abstract iPhone 6s Wallpaper HD


This image of abstract iPhone 6s wallpaper HD follows an abstract design which involves a series of multi color polygons. The color and resolution of this image is very bright as it follows a HD pattern.

Vintage Rose Flower Background


This image of a vintage rose flower background is designed on a vintage sepia background with a reddish hue. The entire image is occupied with the image of a full boomed rose flower.

Best Vintage iPhone Background


This best vintage iPhone background is designed on a background which is intercepted with a series of white lines on the middle section. The slogan of this template is “it’s not How good You are , it’s how Good You want to Be”, is printed in white and red color combination.

Low Poly iPhone 6 Background


This image of low poly iPhone 6 background is designed using a series of polygons, in different shades of red. The design is quite subdued and is meant for someone who does not love too flashy stuff.

Cloudy Ink Smoke Paint Art iPhone Background


This image of cloudy ink smoke paint art iPhone background has a magical quality in it. The image captures a smoky background where the smoke is shown to be slowly moving upwards. The entire image is done is different shades of blue which makes it very attractive wallpaper.

Vintage iPhone Retina Wallpaper

Vintage iPhone Retina Wallpaper

This image of vintage iPhone retina wallpaper the image captures the beauty of the sky with the sun in the horizon. The image in a wallpaper size must measures 744×1392, while on perspective zoom, the wallpaper size is e 640×113

Abstract Vintage iPhone Wallpaper

Abstract Vintage iPhone Wallpaper

This image used for creating the abstract vintage iPhone wallpaper is that of a vintage camera dating back at least 50 years. The camera is shown sitting on a desk. Other images in the background are blurred out which helps to keep the camera in focus.

Vintage Dasies iPhone Wallpaper

Vintage Dasies iPhone Wallpaper

In this vintage daises iPhone wallpaper, images of daises are used as a background. One particular daisy is kept in focus while others are slightly blurred out. The image uses a bluish cold filter which gives the image a soothing feeling.

Rock and Roll Beautiful Free Vintage iPhone wallpapers Pack

Rock and Roll Beautiful Free Vintage iPhone wallpapers Pack

This rock and roll beautiful free vintage iPhone wallpaper is designed on a blue background. The image of an electric guitar in black is placed on the middle of the page. The image is decorated with small white dots and pink lines passing over and across the instrument.

Vintage wallpapers like anything have an inherited artistic beauty in them, which perhaps explains their popularity. The vintage wallpapers given above are available in both HD and non HD versions; you can use anyone that suits your mood and need.

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