As you design a banner or logo, giving a vintage effect to the background can grab the attention of the audiences or visitors. It is not always easy to make a design stand out from others with any vintage background- getting the right background is important! There are numerous vintage effect backgrounds such as floral, rhythmic, collage pattern and many more background available. These incredible backgrounds are free downloadable- now you can enhance the beauty of your design without spending money!

Variety of vintage backgrounds

Its wide range will never leave you unhappy- download different vintage background for a different project! From the plain textured background to floral pattern background, you will definitely get what you need. With the vintage flower background, the florists can make their website look special. Even a retro frame background can serve its purpose on the music websites- leaving a musical effect on the visitors. The Twitter vintage background that comes in different designs, textures and colors will help you to make your account appear pleasing and lovely.

10 Beautiful Vintage Tumblr Backgrounds
Vintage Tumblr Backgrounds

For the designers looking for expressive backgrounds, the photorealistic Vintage tumblr backgrounds are the ideal choice. Use them for your cafe or restaurant website as these Photoshop backgrounds will support the content on it in an interesting way and give old school feel to your site. These free downloadable backgrounds come in different tumbler shapes and designs.

20+ Vintage Green Backgrounds Free Vector

Vintage green backgrounds add a bright look to your device and that is why you would love to keep them as your desktop wallpaper. They are of very high quality and they come in varied designs- each different from the other. Choose the one that seems best and decorate your device right away.

15+ Free Vector Graphics Pink Vintage Backgrounds
Pink Vintage Backgrounds

As you create branding logo for a feminine themed websites, the exclusive pink vintage backgrounds can come handy which will give depth to its design. These customizable vintage Photoshop backgrounds let you develop stuff like posters, greeting cards, etc. with old artistic effect. You can drag and drop any classic design in these fully layered backgrounds to improvise its effect.

15 Beautiful Vintage iPhone Backgrounds
Vintage iPhone Backgrounds

Vintage is the new trendsetter in case of iPhone backgrounds  and that is why you need to check out the amazing collection of these wallpapers in the internet. They provide a sophisticated look to the device with a touch of elegance as well. These wallpapers have a variety of looks to choose from. Hurry Up!! download these HQ beautiful vintage iPhone backgrounds.

10+ Beautiful Vintage Red Backgrounds for Valentine’s Day
Vintage Red Backgrounds

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, and this is just the kind of background that you need for your phone or computer. They are stylish and the old look is prevalent as well. Pick up any one and see how it brightens up your device screen in a jiffy. Download these HQ Vintage red Backgrounds for Valentine’s Day Designs

10+ Beautiful Vintage Victorian Backgrounds
Vintage Victorian Backgrounds

These wallpapers look like their designs come up from the Victorian era. They are classy and have an aristocratic style to it. They are available in a lot of textures, shapes and sizes and you can download any one of them these vintage Victorian backgrounds for free. If you want, you can even redesign them according to your suitability.

10 Free Vintage Wedding Backgrounds
Vintage Wedding Backgrounds

Vintage Wedding backgrounds are the new way of reflecting love in this wedding season and it becomes an interesting affair especially when the theme is vintage. In this collection, the variety is mind boggling and any one of the wallpapers can do the trick turning a simple card into a beautiful one.

15+ Vintage Music Backgrounds for Free Download

Vintage music backgrounds can add a chic look to your computer and is an integral part of the web designing process. The free HD wallpaper collection comprises of a variety of vintage music backgrounds, all of which are unique. They are of very high quality and will make your device look new.

20+ High Quality Vintage Grunge Backgrounds
Vintage Grunge Backgrounds

It can be challenging to give a vintage appearance to a design- in this case the photorealistic Vintage grunge backgrounds serve their purpose perfectly! Available Photosop grungy backgrounds in different shades and pattern are editable to meet your web designing needs. These backgrounds allow you to give vintage grunge effects like wall, concrete, fuels, scratches, etc. to your website.

Download 20 Free Vintage Floral Backgrounds
Vintage Floral Backgrounds

If you are looking for a simple yet attractive website backdrop, then vintage floral backgrounds are the right one for you as they can make your web noticeable! These editable Photoshop vintage floral backgrounds give a pleasant appearance to any simple design and highlight the text imprinted on it. They are available in different floral colors to suit your needs!

15+ Free Vintage Twitter Backgrounds
Vintage Twitter Backgrounds

With the Free Vintage twitter backgrounds, you can give a makeover to your account as it offers exciting patterns of floral, converse, Hollywood, love, and many more themed-backdrops. For giving your account a personalised effect, use the photorealistic vintage PSD backgrounds that serve its purpose well! You can get any of the editable background, as they all are free downloadable.

Download 20 Vintage Gray Backgrounds
Vintage Gray Backgrounds

If you want your phone or desktop to look classy, then there can be no better option than vintage grey backgrounds. Once you put them on, you will see that they make the look totally elegant. Pick one of these free HD quality wallpapers and watch the stunning outcome.

15 Free Vector Black Vintage Backgrounds
Black Vintage Backgrounds

Any text on a black background can easily grab the attention of the visitors and this is exactly what the black vintage backgrounds do! Bring your website or logo in the spotlight with the attractive PSD Backgrounds. These fully layered backgrounds allow you to add different colour text or design on it and vintage effect adds charm to its appearance!

High Quality Vintage Backgrounds

Designing with High Quality Vintage Backgrounds can be fun as these backgrounds offer more flexibility and ease to create a brilliant effect on your project. These all are high resolution Photoshop backgrounds that are far better than the traditional vintage images! Give vintage effect to your website, posters or logos with these free downloadable backgrounds.

High Quality  15+ Vintage Hipster Backgrounds

These free vintage hipster backgrounds backgrounds are responsible for giving the retro look to the desktop or phone and may even look classy if you put it behind blog content.  They are designed in a manner that they are somewhere between old and modern. They are completely and printable as well.

15+ Best Free Vintage Backgrounds for Blogs

Backgrounds can make the blog look beautiful and the content more interesting to be read. Now there are hundreds of free vintage blog backgrounds for you to choose from starting from the 3D glossy ones to the simple ones with matt finish. Download the one that suits you and use it in your blog to impress your blog visitors.

15+ Blue Vector Vintage Backgrounds
Blue Vintage Backgrounds

It is not easy to give a calming effect to a design, but with the cool photorealistic blue vintage backgrounds, it can be done easily! The brightness of the blue Photoshop background with vintage effect will make the web page easily readable to the user. They are available in different blue coloured textures and patterns that are free downloadable!

 15 Free Vintage Flower Backgrounds for Websites
Vintage Flower Backgrounds

Engage visitor on your website with the elegant beauty of the Vintage flower backgrounds, as none will be left unaffected by the pleasing appearance of the colourful flowers. Get these backgrounds in PSD format to make your logo or web page gorgeous than before! All of the photorealistic backdrops are given vintage effect to maximise its impact on the audience.

Free Vector Happy Holidays with Vintage Touch

Vintage holiday backgrounds are the apt wallpapers in this festive season. They are bright and vibrant with beautiful festive quotes and will make your device look great. Web designers and graphic designers can redesign these free wallpapers in order to make them unique. They can be used to decorate desktops and iPhones as well.

Use of vintage effect

Adding these classic backgrounds will add creativity to the design, this is why they are designer’s favorite. Well, it doesn’t end here, use of the vintage effect background will give meaning to the content or image on the background. These free downloadable backgrounds can also amplify the beauty of your desktop or laptop. For a project that is vintage themed, apply these backgrounds on the posters, advertisement or banners. After all, these photorealistic vintage backgrounds are much more effective than the traditional images!

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