We all happen to search for a certain content online and once we have found it, we quickly leave to the previous page just by clicking the back button. That is just one scenario but back buttons are the most used feature in UIs or user interfaces. It has the links to the pages that users recently visited and in right order.

As buttons have a major intent in the user interface, we also have to consider the user experience. This pertains to how the back button would look like.

To give you an idea, down below are our samples of back buttons that are available in a downloadable format on the website. You may also see our list of flat buttons for an extensive design preference.

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Go Back Arrow Button


IOS Back Button


Vector Back Button

Back Transparent Button


Back Graphic Button


User Experience at Its Best

There are other websites that do not offer back buttons leaving their users or visitors trapped and will likely bounce off to another location and might not visit the site again. This is considered disservice and your site, ineffective.

Where could one use these back buttons?

  • Websites. Back buttons are used in websites to redirect the visitors back to the previous location they’ve been. Though there are navigation bars provided in websites, you can never be wrong when adding one. Also, back buttons are useful in the homepage especially if you choose to have a header that serves as a gallery of the different subpages in the website. These elements do require a next and back button.Interactive designs. Graphic Design has been embracing animation and interaction to be added in designs. Let us give you an example. If you are to create an interactive infographic, do place a back button at the end of the timeline so users could go back and have fun instilling the information found in your infographic. You could also use these glossy buttons for your future interactive projects.
  • Videos. You could pair the replay button with a back button. This is true to situations wherein the available video is presented in a pop-up. In this case, back buttons are necessary to go back to its previous location or actual size.

Round Back Button


Glossy Back Button


Free Back Button


Sample Back Buttons to Use

For a neutral, simple and minimal take on back buttons, the White Back Button is a great choice. One can imagine having to use this. When pressed it gives a soft transition in its feedback and the design can be seamless to most website or application designs.

Still, on the neutral, simple and minimal category, the Free Back Button might come in a small size but it will serve its function.

If you are looking for a simple, flat, back and white button, the Black Back Button, and Flat Back Button might be your choices.

For a curvy take on back buttons, the Go Back Arrow Button is up for grabs. This is another way to translate the back button and it is sans of a background or borders.

You could also go for a glossy finish on your back button. The Back Transparent Button is the perfect example. It is presented with rounded edges, letting the label be the emphasis on this button.

The Glossy Back Button is also in store. It is in a rounded shape with the use of color red suggesting urgency.

If you want to go in another direction other than backwards, you may also see our list of arrow buttons.

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