We’ve all encountered those miniature graphics either place on top or below on website which leads us to another location within range. In another scenario, we are able to recognize sites through those symbols. So what are these miniature graphics and symbols about?

Those are what we call icons. The latter, In this case, social media icons, serve as a call to action for print and online advertising collaterals and is an important element in design and advertising. With its interactive purpose, it also needs to be pleasing as well as practical and we’ve got you covered with just that.

Below, we have gathered an extensive collection of social media icons that will be helpful for design projects and as future references. The array of icons displays different design styles be it flat design, hand-drawn even neon signs.  You may also go through our list of play buttons perfect for interactive and website design.

160 Social Media Icons Set

You’re in luck! This set already has 160 icons available and you have two styles to choose from be it rounded square and hexagon icon shapes. The set covers the most used apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, and so on.

Neon Social Media Icons

Neon Social Media Icons


If retro and the 80’s are your go-to design style, then look no further with this set of neon icons. It comes along with 9 icons that cover Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media apps. These outlined icons are isolated and they create this bright addition to your design and personalization project.

Subdued Colors for Social Media Icons


The use of both symbols and texts puts in recognizability to the apps whether the user/s are familiar or not. The complementary colors of green and orange create this subdued finish and clean graphics.

The symbol or graphics used are more realistic depictions of the logos, features, and services it provides. For example, individuals are familiar with the letter F as a symbol of Facebook in social media icons. But in this case, the Facebook icon is represented in a thumb-like, another feature of Facebook.

Sleek & Simple Premium Social Media Icons


This set of premium social media icons displays a shiny texture and a semi-flat design. Going with the shine of the design, the social media apps are set in a gradient finish in which results to a golden appearance.

Another feature of this set of social media icons: it is designed to fit all in terms of its size. Speaking of fit to all, the color and the classic luxury the icons embodies, it can be placed onto different design themes and projects.

Watercolor Social Media Icons

If you want a more illustrated look for your social media icons, then this set is a practical set to get. As presented directly above, it displays a watercolor exterior and is filled in with watermelon red. Think the latter is not the color for you? Don’t fret. This set comes along with five color variations namely Turquoise Blue, Golden Sand, Ocean Storm, and Salmon Pink.

The set is available in 14 watercolor icons and has a high-resolution file of 300 dpi. You also have the option to customize your icons too!

Utilizing these Social Media Icons

Yes, they are a pretty line up of social media icons but where does one use these? There happens to be a lot of ways in using these social media. There is the most obvious which is website design and personalization but what else? Let us break the different uses one by one.

Website design. The most obvious use for social media icons is website design. This feature in website design directs the visitor to the brand or personal social media accounts whether it is for portfolio, professional and business transactions. These set of icons also add the brand’s personality and follow the cohesiveness of the overall design.

The Watercolor Social Media Icons are a perfect touch for website design, more specifically for illustrators or websites with an illustration type of art direction.

Mobile personalization. Every once in a while, the default personalization of mobile gadgets isn’t the appearance we have set out. You may apply these social media icons to amp up your personalization for your mobile device.

In regards of mobile personalization, can we recommend one? The Sleek & Simple Premium Social Media Icons demonstrates a modern exterior with its semi-flat design as well as it a practical feature which is the icons are fit to all.  

Reference. Yes, you may use these social media icons as your reference in designing your own iconography. Whether it is the design styles, shapes used, perspective, and so on.

The trends in design. Most icons are the first ones to be infused by design trends. These days, we’ve seen an emergence of flat design as well as semi-flat design. Who knows what design trends are coming, all we know is to keep an eye on iconography or even create your own design that is to be trending.

The Smooth & Gradient Social Media Icons are one great example of the semi-flat design trend. You may apply it as either reference, personalization, website elements and graphic design elements.

For a more extensive collection of icons, you may go through our list of back buttons

Flat Social Media Icons Set

If you are on a hunt for semi flat and colorful set of social media icons, the Flat Social Media Icons Set is just what you might be looking for. It is available in 24 kinds of social media apps and of course with its designated colors. Users of this set of icons also have the option to resize these logos to your preference.

This set covers apps and services such as Dropbox, Android, Skype, and so on for an extensive use of this set of social media icons.

Hand-drawn Social Media & Apps Icons

hand-drawn Social Media & Apps Icons

Available in 160 varying social media & app icons, this set of friendly icons are scalable and users have different options for different color variations. It is also available in 6 and more categories. There is a line up of social media and app icons for designers, gamers, coders and so on. As well as the more common set of apps such as youtube, Vimeo, Behance and others.

The icons are designed with a light exterior and organic lines which create movement and fluidity.

Smooth & Gradient Social Media Icons


If you are looking for a simple and neutral set of social media icons, then this set is the perfect pick for you. The overall appearance is in a semi-flat design with added shadows to create dimension to the icons as well as lightness.

Speaking of dimension, the cast shadows underneath the icons suggests clickability which is a great visual for user-experience. If you are to use this set of icons web design, then this a design feat on its own.

Hand-stitched Social Media Icons

If you are going for patches as your aesthetic, then this hand-stitched set of social media icons is something to consider using. Regarding adjustments, this set has organized layers for easy customization. It is available with 28 social media icons and covers the widely used apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Behance, Youtube, Pinterest, and so on, as well as special interest social media and apps like LinkedIn.

Tell Me More!

Staying on the topic of the different utilizations of social media icons, we continue with:

Desktop and device personalization. Of course, you may personalize your desktop icons more specifically with MacBook users. With 160 available icons, we suggest the 160 Social Media Icons Set for utilization. For its simplicity and color usage of the designs with two more options for icon styles perfect for setting up in any Mac set up.

E-mailers. These are the invites or announcements that individuals receive from the websites they signed up for.  These social media icons serve as a call to action to jump to your social media or apps used. This is a crucial element to your element for it is not only an announcement but as well as an invitation to visit your accounts.

Advertising collaterals. Brands are making use of the power of advertising and exposure by incorporating their social media accounts through print advertising. A flyer or poster, for example, would be complete with the inclusion of this contact and brand detail.

Place these social media icons across advertising collaterals such as posters, flyer, banner, billboards, window display, brochure, business cards and so on.

You can apply the Flat Social Media Icons Set as elements to your advertising collaterals. In terms of the latter, you want your design elements to be visible, recognizable as well as readable. Keep in mind that the core of these elements is to convey the brand’s message of communication as well as updates with their potential target audience. This set delivers the technicality of the previously mentioned.

Online advertising collaterals. While links are provided in most online websites, content and so on the addition of these social media icons serves as reach and frequency.

Reach is the number of individuals exposed to the brand’s message or advertisement during a given period of time. In this case, how your potential target audience is exposed to your social media or apps.

On the flip side, frequency is the number of times individuals are exposed to a certain advertisement. The more you incorporate social media icons on your online advertising collaterals, the more aware your audience or viewers are to your social media as well as apps.

If you wish to go through more icons selection, you can view more social media icons here.

If you are looking for icons pertaining to travel, you may dive in our collection of map icons. It will be helpful in navigating your design projects to a fully-realized concept. You may also use them as future references for any creative assignments at hand.

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