Calendars have been around for centuries. For that duration, we have been able to keep track of our weekly and monthly activities, special holidays, follow the different moon phases and note down any significant dates and events. Calendars are a special medium that help us keep track of time.

Calendars are significant in today’s digital age, but nothing beats an attractive and unique calendar that has all the necessary details of the entire year in it. Browse down below to view our list of wall calendars, ranging from decorative to unconventional calendar types. If that is not enough for you, you may also check out our collection of free printable calendar.

Photo Wall Calendar Design

Photo Wall Calendar

Yearly Wall Calendar Design

Yearly Wall Calendar

Dry Erase Wall Calendar Design

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Why do we use calendars?

People use calendars for keeping track of days, weeks, months, dates and significant holidays in a year. But there are several other reasons as to why we use calendars. Let us break it down one by one:

  • Calendars are used in keeping track of daily and weekly activities. Every household bears a calendar. Since it will be easy to schedule their personal and family outings, note any household items bought so and so forth.
  • Calendars automatically have the important celebrations and events written down to it. Through this, people are reminded of any upcoming special holidays, day offs etc.
  • For astronomy geeks, they could follow the schedule of the different phases of the moon.
  • For some people, writing down any significant events or itinerary relieves their anxiety and stress. It is a helpful way to know what should be done and making sure every detail is written down as to not forget a single activity.

Wall calendars are a popular type of calendar. It is widely used in households, offices, schools and establishments. Businesses often use wall calendars as giveaways for the new year or as an added bonus to their purchase. You may also browse through our list of designs for you to use to your heart’s content.

Decorative Wall Calendar

Decorative Wall Calendar

Printable Wall Calendar

Printable Wall Calendar


Keeping Track

To help you get by with a little help, we’ve rounded out our list of wall calendars we thought you might like.

  • You could always go for the practical choice for your calendar and if you consider having one in your household, why not try the Dry Erase Wall Calendar Design. It is small in size and you can always use it again and again, you just have to erase from time to time. This is a practical choice to have as it diminishes household wastes.
  • If you want a decorative wall calendar, the Yearly Wall Calendar Design and Decorative Wall Calendar two great options to have. You can use these designs as a free promotional tool for customers or for your business.
  • You could also use the Wall Chalkboard Calendar as an unconventional alternative for your calendar. It is a small size, monthly calendar and is available with a chalk pen perfect for tracking down your upcoming activities.

There are different types of calendars be it on a stand or for wall, pocket, mobile even ball pens has it. That also includes business calendars. You may use these business calendar designs to amp up any monotonous office or establishment. The designs can be easily editable and are available in a downloadable format.

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