Trying to impress your subordinates or your boss this festive season with something creative for your card? These corporate business cards are just what you need. They range from professional to friendly and can be edited and use for both personal and corporate purposes, as they are easy to edit. These customized card templates can be used to send them via email or through other electronic means, or also can be downloaded and printed into a poster. You may also see Printable Greeting Cards.

Email Invitation Card

This invitation card is classy to the last detail. The envelope is a cream tone, which goes well with the black body of the invitation card, which is a matte finish. This can be used for weddings and parties.You may also see Interior Design Business Cards.

Envelope Email Post Card

This postcard is a standard mail envelope, with the cream body and red and blue border. This template is complete with stamps and Air Mail logo. The inside is a blue checked body for putting the letter in.

Highly Editable Blank Email Card

Customize e-cards using these different vectors of envelopes. They are available in closed letters, open envelopes, with the front and back view of the vector. A bright colored letter is given inside the envelope.

Email Happy Birthday Card

This template has an animated design of a birthday card, where the open envelope contains a birthday berry cake, complete with a candle. This vector is creative and colorful to look at.

Christmas Email Card Design

This Christmas email card is beautiful and classy. The brown and cream combination of this vector makes the template elegant, and the electronic sparkles add to it. They are available in high-resolution.

Travel Email Greeting Card

This greeting card template is beautiful and creative. The blue grunge background on top of that sand yellow envelope card with an ostrich, boat, palm trees these makes attractive to the eye.

Holiday Email Card Template

These greeting e-cards are available in a simple and bright red envelope. The message inside can be customized easily, allowing you to send any message to your family and loved ones.

Email Card for Thank You

This simple black and white email card with the envelope is elegant and classy. The black envelope is matte finish, which is perfect for using in business purposes. They are available in various sizes.

Business Email Card Design

This email concept e-card is simple and creative. The red background accents the white envelope with the message firing out, illumining the effect of fireworks. It is available in EPS format.

Anniversary Email Card

This simple red and white themed envelope and greeting cards are available in both high-resolution and in various sizes. They are also available in various sizes to fit your project.

Party Email Card

This party email card is classy and simple. The concept is a plain colorful envelope card, which can be edited, with a chalkboard concept for the message inside. It can be edited and used for birthday parties.

Download Blank Email Card

This blank email card is plain and creamy, with a blank white message inside. They are available in many variations, which can be easily downloaded to use for parties, sending messages etc.

Funny Email greeting card

These handmade card templates are funny, creative and different. They can be used for sending those special sweet messages on Valentine’s Day etc. These affordable templates are simple and beautiful.

Fully Customizable Email Cards

This card is simply beautiful. The color theme used is a blue that is bright and beautiful, with lights printed on top. The card has a feeling of a beachside, with the change in colors, and the picture can be edited into it.

These business card templates range from every type, to suit your every need for your job. Celebrate your holidays by the custom making of your greeting card templates and sending them to your colleagues at work or even to your family as a holiday card. This semi-professional and professional cards can be used for every occasion.

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