Trying to get creative and funny with Christmas card designs? Well, it is that time of the year when exchanging greetings and well wishes are not just a formality but somehow comes from deep within! There are a lot many ways that you can make this Christmas special and one of them is coming up with really personalized Greeting Cards. Here are some very beautiful templates that you might want to check out. Also, most of them are offered for free!

Merry Christmas Blessed Cards

If you are looking for a Christmas card that shows the legends associated with the celebration, this would be a perfect template to work with. Just put in a small message to make it work great. You may also see Christmas Party Invitations.

Editable Printable Christmas Card

Want to create a funny Christmas card for kids and friends? This would be a great template to check out. The beauty of this card lies in the unique artwork and the message. You may also see Christmas Pictures.

Watercolor Christmas Card With Bells

This is one of those Christmas card designs where the designer has taken the opportunity to get highly creative in the mood of the celebrations! Thus, you have a unique design to put your message in! You may also see Christmas Ecards.

Funny Animated Christmas Card

This would be perfect if you planning to send an ecard to your kids back home. The template allows a little bit of gorgeous animation to add to the personalization of your message.

Personalized Christmas Card

The beauty of Christmas lies in personalization and a warm touch. We have this template that will let you put your own message onto a beautiful card design! You can also experiment with colors and designs.

Vintage Colored Christmas Card

This Christmas card template would be for the ones who are looking for a vintage touch to their Christmas greetings. The template offers aged aesthetics and will be perfect to be gifted to seniors.

Funny Christmas Greeting Card

A very beautiful design, this Christmas card can be sent to one and all. The cards come with the best covers you would have ever seen. Just print them out and out with your message and hand it over to loved ones.

Photoshop Business Christmas Card

This template allows you to do a lot more with your Christmas card designing. The templates come layered and offer editable texts, color, fonts, clipping, masks and bordering. Put your Photoshop skills to good use to come up with something unique!

Candy & Snowflakes Christmas Card

If you have been looking for a Christmas card template aimed towards kids, what could be better than candy and snowflakes! This is a really beautiful and cute Christmas card design that you can put to use.

Christmas Overlay Quotes Card

This template includes more than 17 different hand lettering quotes, catchphrases, and wishes. They are perfect to be used as unique design elements for your own card. The fonts come as vector EPS and in very high resolutions.

Funny Christmas Ecard

If you are looking for a really cute Ecard for kids, this template would be a great idea to work with. The ecard involves an animated message that celebrates Christmas and brings in the mood.

Family Photo Funny Christmas Card

The family is the closest thing we will ever have in our lives. Why not show them how grateful and happy you are to have them beside you. This Christmas card template is perfect to bring that smile on your father’s / mother’s face!

Christmas Hand Lettering Card

Hand-written cards have the charm of their own. Well, if you are not that great in your handwriting, you can always use these handwriting fonts to make you card more personalized. Check out this template for more!

Creative Paper Christmas Card

This is really something different that you can use to make your Christmas card unique. The templates are offered in a variety of designs that you can cut through and come up with a paper art that looks like craft!

Golden and Black Christmas Card


Happy Holiday Christmas Card Coaster


Fully Customized Christmas Card

Colorful Kids Funny Christmas Card


How to use these “Funny Christmas Cards”?

Each of the template covered here comes with a unique design that can be downloaded onto your system. Depending on which one you choose, you can send it as an email attachment (the animated ones), do some customization before printing it or print it and make some changes (cut, paste, color, etc). Whatever you choose, it’s easy to put these card designs to good use. Just make sure that your choice is well intended! Some card designs are aimed at the younger audience while some others are more serious but each one of them celebrates the mood of the season.

All of these Christmas card designs are available at a minimum price, some even for free. You can choose to do a lot of customization and personalization with the printable templates. We hope you find the perfect choice. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish a very merry Christmas! You may also see Christmas Cliparts.

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