We may be surrounded by technical gadgets these days, and they may seem like the ideal tool to get quick information especially on short span encounters.  The target is to make your client remember you and your business. Just asking or exchanging digits might not always do the trick! Find out why business cards are still the most effective tools, and check the earthy theme packages we’ve got for you!

Download these editable PSD-format Wooden Business Cards and carve your way through making a good impression to your clients! If you want a preview, take a look at our Free Printable Business Cards.

Creative Wooden Business Card

Creative Wooden Business Card

Perforates Connection

It pays to have a creative looking business card which has an alluring factor to make your client or appointee remember you. Besides, this wood chip can panel your way through sealing that anticipated deal! So, If you are now intrigued as to where you can pull out these visually appealing twists, then feel free to check more of the Unique Business Cards we offer!

Solidifies Your Brand

Have you ever experienced exchanging digits with a prospective client, but during the follow-up, got no reply or call back? Did it ever cross your mind that maybe your meeting was not worth remembering? Did you ever think that in order to maintain a client’s interest a business card would’ve been a great help? We agree with that!

A business card is basically the first impression of your brand. A visually appealing business card will make a memorable mark on your clients. It can do more than just give your email address or phone number.

Creative Business cards can easily be shared and will continue to market for you, like that of our

  • Retro Wooden Business Card
  • Handmade Wooden Business Card Design
  • Clean Wooden Business Card
  • Modern Wooden Business Card and so much more.

Clean Wooden Business Card

Clean Wooden Business Card

Modern Wooden Business Card

Modern Wooden Business Card

Corporate Wooden Business Card

Corporate Wooden Business Card

Simple Wooden Business Card

Simple Wooden Business Card

Creative Wooden Business Card


Your Wallet-Sized Resume

This tiny piece will speak volumes about you and your business and it is the most professional approach. If you want to give a good impression to your prospect hand over a creative looking business card. That will do the trick! 

Our creative wooden textures will be in the palm of your hand in no time with these easy steps:

  • You may preview the design first, as it is readable in JPG format (for viewing only)
  • Download and edit your pick, which can be done with the designs in PSD format.
  • Choose the type of paper you want to use
  • If you have a good quality printer, you may print it on your own, or you may go to a printing shop.


You need not spend for a graphic artist to do your business card. With these packages, all you need to do is edit your information. It will allow you to save time as well, as you will no longer have to wait for the graphic artist to finish it. You can simply choose a design and edit it in the comfort of your own home!

So download your pick now and turn that business card game dial of yours to maximum!

For more options, check out our cool Plastic Business Cards as well!

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