Birthday cards call for innovation when you want to craft something really surprising for your friends and loved ones. These days, funny birthday cards are being extensively used as e-cards to greet people over emails and websites. The e-cards come along with graphics and audio and one can design the cards according to the aptitude of the receiver. Here are fifteen templates of funny Birthday Cards that you can download for free from the website.

Funny Birthday Card for Kids

Kids are fond of chocolates, cakes, and colourful candles. You can send this e-card to your kids on their birthdays. The bright color of the candles is really attractive. You may also see Free Electronic Birthday Cards.

Funny Electronic Birthday Card

This is a beautiful template that has tailored audio and video elements in it. The Happy Birthday tune will please the receiver and the visual elements are bright and vibrant. You may also see Free Birthday Cards.

Funny Hipster Birthday Card

In this template, the funny graphics are placed on the left and the right side of the template contains a beautiful birthday message for the receiver. The black background of the template makes the wish warmer. You may also see Printable Birthday Cards.

Funny Happy Birthday Card

Kids love bright colors and cakes on their birthday. In this template, the pink cake with red cherries looks mouth-watering. The bright yellow background color makes the card even more attractive.

Funny Homemade Birthday Cards

Many people prefer to make birthday cards handmade at home. This template contains images of hand-made cards for kids. You can download the card from the website for free.

Funny Foxes Birthday Card

Children are attracted towards wildlife. You can send this image through e-card on a special day. The foxes are playful and this will cheer up the children.

Funny Grandpa Birthday Card

This is a bright and vibrant birthday card that has a lot of fun stuffed in it. The color combinations in this graphics are ideal for a day to celebrate. Edit the card as required and download it.

Funny Pig Flying Birthday Card

This birthday card depicts a funny pig, flying with a parachute. There is an airplane flying close by. This card is ideal for kids, as they will get ample enjoyment from the visual elements.

Funny Printable Birthday Card

This card shows rats and mice having a feast on a great day. The table has a lot of delicious food and the birthday cake on it. Present your kids with the card on their birthday

Kitty Birthday Card

If your child is fond of cats, this card is ideal for them on a birthday. The template shows a funny cat in a strange attire. The light background color is bright and suitable for the image in the card.

Black & White Mickey Birthday Card

Kids are very familiar with the cartoon character. You can simply send them a wish through this card on a special day. They can enjoy the day with their favorite cartoon character.

Singing Dogs Funny Birthday Card

Dogs are one of the most common pets for kids, so you can present them with a card with the singing dogs. They look funny indeed, and you can edit the wish and put your own words.

Funny Surprise Birthday Card

If you want to send a sweet wish to your kid on the birthday, you can use this e-card. The graphics, images, tone and texts are sure to please your child.

Funny Handmade Birthday Card

Hand-made cards convey heartfelt greetings to the young ones on their birthdays. In this card, the yellow background suits the rough drawings pretty well. You can edit and download the page.

Funny Birthday Wishes Card

This is a funny cartoon character, wishing the kids on a special day. The graphic work and incorporation of colors are perfect and the card looks perfectly fine.

Animated Funny Birthday Card

Funny Characters Birthday Card

Funny Monster Birthday Card


How to use these “Funny Birthday Cards”?

When you want to wish someone with these cards, you can simply browse through the website and download them. You can also edit them and make them personalized for the receiver. You can edit the text and write your won wishes for the person. All possible changes are possible when you consider the text. After you download them, you can use the templates in your own birthday card. You can also send the e-cards to your friends and closed ones through the internet.

Whenever you require free printable birthday cards, you can browse through the website and download the ones that you require. These are available for download in all formats and you can get them free of cost. Tailor the templates for personal use and let your loved ones enjoy a great birthday. You may also see Free Birthday Ecards.

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