Goodbyes are always difficult. You get choked and teary eyed sometimes, and in those cases, it is better for a card to do the talking for you rather than you saying something yourself. It can be a great thank you card template that you can use for this, or you can even browse through the following pages to look at some options for your farewell card designs. These designs can be used for goodbye cards or simply thank you cards. You will also come across handmade designs for the cards. So go through this list of the best designs that you can look at and even download to use it for you to gift others.You may also see Free Valentine Day Cards.

Simple Office Farewell Card Template

File Format
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  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Farewell Invitation Card Design

This card is not a thank you card, but instead is an awesome invite for a farewell party. The design has just the minimal text for the information that needs to be passed on and has been represented nicely in the circular shape of the invitation card. You may also see Interior Design Business Cards.

Printable Farewell Card

Here is a farewell card design by Irish designer Kate Hynes. The design is a cut out design and is just the simple farewell text. You too can easily create such a card design on your computer.You may also see Greeting Card Designs.

Farewell Thank You Card

Thank yous are always a part of farewell where you say goodbye to the friend or colleague. Here is a design that you can download as a free vector and even customize to create a brilliant thank you and goodbye card.

High Quality Farewell card Design

This design is for the farewell of someone who is retiring and you want to wish him or her good luck. You can even change the cover on the following link itself to reflect on the design.

Memorable Farewell Card Design

What you want to actually see here is the use of doodle filled background that has been used for this card design. Another important thing to notice is the use of combination of novelty and casual fonts that make this design quite elegant.

Farewell Greeting Card Template

Add some pun to your thank you and farewell card designs like this design by Andrew Millar that is funny enough to break the emotional vulnerability of the moment of goodbye

Fully Editable Farewell Card

You can add cartoon elements to convey the message like this design with people waving goodbye to the person. You can even convey the emotions you are feeling through this cartoon character.

Office Farewell Card Design

This is a design that has more text than the usual goodbye and good luck. You can even create your new card using the link provided below.

Farewell Party Card Design

Give a 3D look and appeal to your design with the use of proper block typefaces like the ones used by Rick Steele in the designs that you can find at the below mentioned link.

Goodbye Farewell Card

Check out the link to select a card and personalize and edit it on the go on the web itself. The designs such created come in a print ready resolution for you to print the designs and use them for the intent they were made.

Elegant Cool Farewell Card

To give a 3D appeal, you can actually place 3D elements like card design by Saaleha Bamjee who was commissioned by Aasia for this design work.

Farewell Travel Leaving Card

You can make it a personalized card with writing a note yourself about the journey the person is going to undertake. And in case you want a reference for such a design, this one is exactly what you should be looking at.

Business Farewell Card Design

Check out this simple design that you would rather not download, but use as a reference if it all you think this is what you would want to go forward with.

Corporate Farewell Card Design

Here is another design mockup that you can use as a reference for your farewell card design.

Download Printable Farewell card

Add some beautiful elements to your design like this example with flower and matching ribbon to say thank you and bid farewell to your friend.

You can even look at some templates and mockups for place card designs, as in the end all these designs are for simple cards, and you can always play around with the design elements picking them up from various designs altogether.

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