As we all know, Christmas is just around the corner and sending a Christmas card to our friends and family is another tradition of this merry festival. I am sure we all want our gifts and cards to stand out of the crowd and be remembered by those who we sent them to. So this time, why not try something like Free Christmas Cards. I am talking about personalized Christmas cards, cards that contain your photos or your own greetings rather than the traditional “Merry Christmas” greetings. Such cards, other than being exclusive and unique, are also delightful to those who receive your personalized cards.

Personalized Photo Christmas Card

These stylish and unique Christmas photo cards will make your festive photos even more special. These cards have been created by minute’s global community of independent writers. Four colors, beige, white, black and green, are available. This Christmas Card is designed with a light-handed use of patterns of different types of leaves. You have various options for the back and the interior of the card as well as the slip-in envelopes.

Personalized Christmas Boxed Card

This is a very beautiful and simple unique Christmas card. The cover of the card has the words “Love came down to one night “with the words” and changed the world forever” written on the inside. A scripture has also been written on the inside of the card.

Personalized Family Christmas Card

This is for those who wish to greet their family and friends Christmas the fun and cheerful way. This personalized Christmas card suits the joyful festival of Christmas. Two colors, red and green are available and you get the option for personalizing it or writing your own message in it. This is a handmade card by Snappy Crocodile.

Handmade Personalized Christmas Card

This very beautiful handmade personalized Christmas card decorated with Christmas baubles on the cover. The card can be personalized to meet your requirements. There are seven colors available. They are Deep Pink, Ice Blue, Ice Pink, Gold, Red, Purple and Winter Blue.

Unique Personalized Christmas Card

This personalized Christmas card is truly distinctive in character and perfect for those who wish to send their greetings in an unusual and special way. There is also an e-card verse option where you can choose three blessings for the receiver add your name and send it, celebrating the essence of Christmas.

Personalized Christmas Thank You Card

A sweet personalized Christmas card with a simple design of holly leaves on the cover. You get layout options for the inside of the card. Red, Green, Black and Beige are the four colors available in this card along with different color envelopes.

Personalized Assorted Christmas Cards

This is a bumper pack of 50 cards with very cheerful and happy designs on their covers. It features a range of seasonal greetings with various traditional designs. These cards come in five different sizes, from small to large, all with a white envelope.

Personalized Animated Christmas Card

A jubilant personalized Christmas card to celebrate the joy of Christmas by Blue Mountain. The card contains the message the cheerful wishes with all animation dolled up making your card the most attractive.

Personalized Religious Christmas Card

These include 50 Christmas cards and 50 envelopes. They are perfect for institutions and ministries. There is a simple Christmas joy design on the covers of the cards with your personalized messages and includes a scripture too.

Personalized Christmas Greeting Card

A splendid and very creative personalized Christmas card for this festive season. These cards are perfect for those who want to send their greetings using an artistic card with a wonderful Christmas message.

Personalized Christmas Card for Download


Personalized Christmas Spirit Card


Snow Sign Christmas Card


Personalized Christmas Holy Night card


Personalized Premium Christmas Cards


Post-Box Bear Christmas Card


Funny Personalized Christmas Card

Personalized Gold Glitter Christmas Card


How are “Personalized Christmas Cards” used?

These personalized Christmas Cards are for anyone who wants to wish their friends and family in a special manner this Christmas season. Some of these cards are perfect to send to someone who might be very special to you and hence can be personalized as per your requirements. Those with bulk Christmas cards can be used by ministries or big institutions or those who need to send their Christmas wishes to many people. You may also send the e-card versions of these cards with your very own personalized message and your name. An advantage to choosing to send your own personalized Christmas card is that due to its exclusivity, you have no doubts as to its standing out on the shelf.

This Christmas season; use these personalized Christmas cards to bring about delight and joy to your loved ones and to celebrate the ethos and heart of Christmas. These personalized Christmas cards are exclusive and unique and very much your own and hence would be noteworthy of their receivers. These Christmas cards also have a variety of options for the personalization of the Christmas cards in regards to availability of a variety of colors and fonts and designs to choose from in order to make them truly your own.

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