Gone are the days when you would go out to a shop in a place you are visiting to buy a postcard that you would send out to your friends and family. With the development in the digital world, you can now use templates and mockups of postcards and simply place the image of the place you are at and have a great postcard design ready. There are multiple free postcards as such, but here we have for you for the theme of vintage Postcard Designs.

Vintage Postcard Greeting

Vintage Postcard GreetingsHere is a design for a Christmas postcard that contains the artwork in white outlines and patches on top of a black background. Download it as a free vector illustration. You may also see Postcard Invitations.

Flower Postcard Design

Flower Postcard DesignHere is a postcard design that contains floral artwork with the design of a vintage postcard and same goes for the old textured background that has been used in the design.

Editable Vintage Postcard

Editable Vintage PostcardHere is another similar looking postcard design as you saw before with the Eiffel Tower as the artwork in it. The design is editable and you can replace the artwork with your choice of design.

 Vintage Real Estate Postcard Design

real-estate-postcard-designThis is a premium collection of not so vintage, but rather very modern and professional designs for a real estate postcard. The design is available in multiple file formats for you to pick from.

 Vintage Business Postcard Design

business-postcard-designHere is a multipurpose corporate postcard design which has provided you complete editing facility to personalize it as per your requirements. You can download the premium design from the given link.

Different Vintage Postcards

Different Vintage Postcard DesignHere is a great collection of actually vintage postcards along with stamps. This pack of 6 postcard designs can be downloaded as a single vector illustration in high quality from the below-mentioned link.

Set of Vintage Postcards

Set Vintage PostcardIf you are looking for a premium pack of antique looking postcards then here is a chance for you to download a pack with 6 different designs available to you as an editable vector in eps format.

Vintage Postcard Paper Designs

Vintage Postcard Paper DesignHere is a premium digital paper collection of postcards that have the rustic touch of vintage to it. The design pack contains 8 different postcards set in a size of 12 x 12 inches.

Vintage Invitation Postcard

Vintage Invitation PostcardHere is a more professional and clean design that has been created over a vintage choice of postcard paper that is set in a resolution of 300 dpi and print ready CMYK colors.

Vintage Floral Postcard

Vintage Floral PostcardHere is a vintage design for a postcard to wish well to someone. Be it for the upcoming examinations, or someone’s wedding, you can find this design really useful for multiple purposes.

Vintage Summer Postcard

Vintage Summer PostcardYou might want to let the receiver of the postcard that they are being missed and it would have been nice to have them there. And here is a premium design for a summer postcard that does exactly that.

Retro Save the Date Design Postcard

Retro Postcard Save the Date DesignIt is mostly about the choice of fonts and the background that you use for the design that will make it a little vintage looking. And here is a design that works with typefaces to achieve that.

Collection of Postcard Designs

Set of Postcard DesignHere is a collection of scans of actual vintage postcards that the person who is sharing them collected from a flea market. Have a look at them for some design inspiration.

Vintage Clothing Postcard Design

Vintage Clothing Postcard DesignIn this link, you will find multiple designs for a vintage looking postcard. Click on the link below and scroll through all the premium items that will provide you amazing results.

Old Christmas Postcard Design

Old Christmas Postcard DesignHere is another Christmas postcard design that again uses both, the calligraphy styled typography along with the rustic looking background texture for the design. Download it for free from the given link.

Vintage Birthday Postcard Design


Blank Vintage Postcard

Blank Vintage PostcardDownload

Vintage Travel Postcard

Vintage Travel PostcardDownload

Free Vector Vintage Postcard

Vector Vintage PostcardsDownload

Simple Vintage Postcard Design

Simple Vintage Postcard DesignDownload

These vintage postcards are fairly simple to use compared to other templates and mockups. All you need to do is to place in your relevant content in the design and get them printed. But before you could do that, you will need to download them in your local file system.

Post that, you will have to fire up your editing tool and load the downloaded file into it. And then using the smart objects, or the vectors, you can place your image and edit the text using the relevant tools to get to the final design that you are comfortable with.You may also see Real estate Postcards.

You can create bulk vintage postcards at once or scan a copy of an old picture postcard to get your design ready. These vintage postcard designs will be useful for you when you are traveling to cities with ancient history and all, and you want to depict the same in your designs. You can even share it on the web and let other people use your design skills.

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