When it comes to designing or clothes, textures are one of the most vital expertise required for professionals involved in fashion designing, clothing, graphic designing, gaming and 3D modeling. Vintage textures also hold prime significance in photography projects. While choosing the type of vintage texture, the user must keep in mind the purpose of using it and also the kind of pattern or color he wants to use in his project.

Here are some of the best texture designs:

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Vintage Polka Dot Texture

The vintage polka dot texture, as suggested by many texture designers, is a very beautiful and abstract piece  that has many bright colors and is mostly used for designing trendy clothes nowadays.

Vintage Grunge Texture

The vintage grunge texture with a high quality and seamless grunge features are highly suitable to be used by gaming and 3D model designers as they add a lot of creativity with their different patterns.

Vintage Stripes Texture

Vintage stripes textures come in different bright colors and are very beautiful to look at. They are used by many professional fashion designers to design their clothing. These textures are also used by wallpaper designers to make bright wallpapers.

Free Vintage Scrap Book Texture

The vintage scrap book texture are used in Photoshop to apply different techniques and create  different old, unique background images that can be used by professional photographers to create antique photography projects.

Vintage Seamless Textures

These seamless vintage textures have different kinds of patterns on them and can be of different colors. Because of their seamless feature, they are highly used by 3D texturing artists to texture high resolution 3D models.

Vintage Wallpaper Texture

Vintage wallpaper textures can be found with different kinds of beautiful patterns and are mainly used by interior designers. These textures add a mildness and tranquility to the walls when placed on them.

Unrestricted Vintage Design Texture

Unrestricted vintage design textures have very grungy, thick and dirty looking patterns that makes them suitable for designing or texturing walls to give them an old, dirty and antique look and feel. They are highly used by professional photographers.

Sunbeam Vintage Texture

Sunbeam vintage textures are can be of various colors and each of them has a unique nature. They have a common sunshine pattern. With the different color mixing and matching, these eye catching textures are generally used for interior designing.

Vintage Background Texture


Vintage background textures can be of different colors. They can be dull colored or bright colored. They are used by 3D modelers for texturing the background of their 3D model sets and to make them more realistic.

Vintage Postcard Textures

As the name suggests, vintage postcard textures have the look and feel of postcards. Their look can vary from clear and clean to old and dirty, that makes them really useful for professional graphic designers and photographers.

Vintage Texture Set

Vintage Paper Texture Design

Vintage Scratch Texture

Vintage Paper Textures For Free

The basic purpose behind using vintage textures is to add depth to the image and offer a look that easily captures the viewer’s eyes. They leave a long lasting effect on the viewer’s mind. Proper arrangement of patterns and thorough distribution of colors make vintage textures the best choice for professional photography and designing.

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