Human memory fails many times. Particularly when we are loaded with many things to do all around, we tend to miss out certain things that may be important and urgent. Free Online Printable Calendars formats and applications help us to get rid of such problems in life. They help us store, organize and share important information online for free. Free calendar designs are available for people to customize to suit their needs at all point of time.

LoCalendar – Free Online Calendar

Localendar - Free Online Calendar

Localendar is a calendar format that is highly useful for schools, churches and many such organizations that need to create many events and plans. Localendar allows the creation of web calendar within few minutes. You may also see Wedding Calender Designs.

Bitrix24 – Best Online Calendar

Bitrix24 - Best Online Calendar

Bitrix24 is a scheduler that enables users like Project Management companies to create social tasking, Time Management schedules, Project Management and CRM Schedules with advanced follow-up and reminders features. You may also see Free Monthly Calendar Designs.

Dayviewer – Free Calendar Maker





Dayviewer is an online planner, calendar, scheduler for organizations to plan their activities that spread across the many functions of business creating tasks for teams. It is a simple customizable format. You may also see Appointment Calendar Designs.

MealPlannerPro – Online Meal Planning Calendar

Mealplannerpro - Online Meal Planning Calendar

MealPlannerPro is a meal planning calendar. It is also a healthy recipe search engine which displays more than 14, 50,000 recipe. It also provides a grocery shopping list along with information about Nutrition.

TeamUp – Easiest Online Calendar Tool

Teamup - Easiest Online Calendar Tool

Teamup is a calendar format that helps the various business teams to plan their activities in an efficient manner. It helps teams organize, schedule and plan all their activities in one single format.

Keep & Share – Best Free Online Calendar

Keep & Share - Best Free Online Calendar

Keep and Share is more than a simple calendar. It allows you to combine your photos, calendars, files, addresses and many other things related to your contacts in a safe manner online

Time & Date – Basic Customized Calendar

Time & Date - Basic Customized Calendar

Time & Date basically displays the local time and date information. It also provides Countdown, Counters, World Clock and Monthly Calendars acting as a basic organizer to co-ordinate all your activities.

CalendarLabs – Make Own Online Calendar

Calendar Labs - Make Own Online Calendar

Calendar Labs offers Blank calendar formats. It also offers calendars of various years including the forthcoming year 2017. The Calendar Labs offers customization of Monthly Calendars for all the years.

Zoho – Free Online Calendar Tool

Zoho - Free Online Calendar Tool

Zoho is basically a free online calendar that helps the user to track the meeting schedules and business appointments. It is a free online application that can be accessed by anywhere

G Suite – Integrated Online Calendar

Gsuite - Integrated Online Calendar

G Suite is more than a calendar application. It is a combination that provides business updates, new release information and many high-level calendar features. It is a product of Google.

ECAL – Personalize Online Calendar Tool

ecal - Personalise Online Calendar Tool

ECAL is a free online calendar that acts as a strong communication tool between yourself and your customer. It delivers reminders and information about events to your customers directly at the touch of a button.

Convenient Calendar – Online Calendar Design

Convenient Calendar - Online Calendar Design

Convenient Calendar is a free online calendar which can be shared with friends, families and many other groups of your choice. It helps the user organize his life in a shared manner.

Bravenet – Online Calendar Tool

Bravenet - Online Calendar Tool

Bravenet is an online calendar that is available for free of cost to the users. It allows post information about special events and appointments in a shared manner. It also allows storage of photo albums – Online Calendar App

Mail - Simple Online Calendar App is a free calendar application available for people to use in a variety of ways. It allows creation of schedule and appointments over the mail and sharing the same with all the stakeholders concerned.

Setmore – Online Calendar Maker

Setmore - Online Calendar Maker

MakeUseOf – Best Calendar Design

makeuseof - best Aclendar design

How to use these “Free Online Calendars”?

Free Online Calendars can be used free of cost to store many of your personal details online. The many types of online calendars available for free of cost act as organizers to plan one’s appointments and business meetings. These online calendars help the business people as well as individuals to make their life more organized so no event gets missed out of their memory. Free Calendar also allows people to communicate with each other in a private manner over schedules and appointments. Free Calendars can be downloaded at any point of time and allows customization by users to suit their requirements.

Free Calendars online are excellent communication tools available for people who want to organize their schedule and commitments in a planned manner. They help people live a complete life interacting with all their acquaintances in a timely and regular manner. Download Free Online Calendars and make good use of their innumerable features. You may also see Academic Calendars.

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