Develop neat and steady designs using the stunning brushed metal textures that have amazing finishing touch. From aluminium to steel, these brushed silver metal textures include every type of metals. Additional effects of corrosion will create an illustration that is inspiring and impressive and will serve to your advantage. Drag the attention of the visitors to your website or blog, using the rich and polished metal texture.

Spin Aluminium Brushed Metal Texture



Brushed Metal Copper Texture with Gradient Effect


High Res Brushed Metal Texture for Photoshop

Brushed Golden Metal Stock Texture


Our elite collection will make you download every single texture as all the textures have brilliant metallic shine and realistic that will make the layout look interesting and exciting. For bloggers, the framed brushed metal texture is just right as its frame goes backwards so that the inside is sticking outside, which brings the content in the spotlight- go grab the framed metal texture!

Brushed Aluminium Metal Texture

Plain Shiny Gold Brushed Metal Texture

High Res 5+ Brushed, Dark, Stainless Steel Metal Textures Pack

Black Brushed Metal Texture Background

Free Vector Brushed Metal Texture

Sheet of Aluminium Brushed Metal Texture



For giving an edgy modern look, the stylish brushed metallic gold textures are perfect for both, commercial as well as personal projects. In fact, they are great desktop wallpapers, so download them to beautify your PC’s screen. Change the desktop wallpaper daily, as you can download them for free of charge- get your favourite textures today!

Free Brushed Metallic Texture

Free Brushed  Metal Texture with Smooth Surface

Seamless Brushed Metal Texture Pattern


Circular Brushed Gold Metal Texture

Great Silver Metal Texture Background

Rendered Brushed Gold Metal Background Texture


Polished Wall Surface Metal Texture with Light Effect



The brushed aluminium sheet texture has narrow shiny edges and plain surface in the middle, making it ideal for presentations as it has an elegant and professional look. For the water related project, the brushed metal texture with water droplets, it gives a realistic look to the layout. Most of the brushed metal textures are available in silver or grey shades. There are also metal sheet textures, red metal textures and many more options just waiting for you!

High Quality Spin Brushed Metal Texture

Plain Brushed Metal Texture


Brushed Metal Silver Texture


Light Brushed Metal Texture


High Res Radial Brushed Metal  Texture


Brushed Metal Free Vector Texture

Brushed Stainless Metal Texture with Light Effect

Brushed Metal Texture with Grunge Effect

Brushed Metal Silver Texture with High Quality

Brushed Metallic Steel Texture

Brushed Thick Silver Lines Metallic Texture

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