New wave patterns are all you need to create remarkable projects that will definitely impress your clients. If you are working on the project related to water then these wavy patterns will of great help, as it will sustain the oceanic feel. Be it a digital artist or graphic designer, these Photoshop Vintage Patterns are must in the resource library- go ahead download them today!

Blue Waves Pattern Free Vector

Blue Waves Pattern Free VectorDownload Button


Waves Vector Pattern For Free

Waves Vector Pattern For FreeDownload Button


Circular Waves Pattern Free Vector

Circular Waves Pattern Free VectorDownload Button


Free Seamless Waves Pattern

Free Seamless Waves PatternDownload Button



Here, we present you a handpicked collection of high-quality wave pattern that features unique and unusual wave outline. These Ornate Patterns uplift the exterior of the design as it consists of the wave structure overlaps each other to form alluring patterns. They are not only available in aqua blue shade but also available in a range of pretty colours to meet your designing needs.

Water Waves Retro Patterns Free

Water Waves Retro Patterns FreeDownload Button


Curled Abstract Blue Waves Pattern

Curled Abstract Blue Waves PatternDownload Button


Wavy Stripes Pattern Free Vector

Wavy Stripes Pattern Free VectorDownload Button


Black & White Wave Pattern

Black & White Wave PatternDownload Button



These aquatic waves are irregular but form a commendable Rainbow Patterns and it can beautify any layout with its elegance. For beaches or water park websites, the wave patterns can be used as the background. The calming and soothing appearance of these patterns makes them just the thing to use as the desktop backgrounds.

Colorful Wavy Vector Abstract Pattern

Colorful Wavy Vector Abstract PatternDownload Button


Gray & Black Vector Gradient Pattern

Gray & Black Vector Gradient PatternDownload Button


Amazing Waves Pattern Free Vector

Amazing Waves Pattern Free VectorDownload Button


Bright Colored Wave Pattern For You

Bright Colored Wave Pattern For YouDownload Button



Since there are a lot of options waiting for you, download as many Line Patterns as you need- well, they are absolutely free to download. Its realistic look leaves a long lasting effect on the viewer. Even to sooth the eyes of the readers, the bloggers can use these stunning pattern as the blog’s background. Make anything flyers, magazines or brochures look attention grabbing just by using the trendy wave pattern.

Free Wavy Lines Vector Pattern

Free Wavy Lines Vector PatternDownload Button


Wireframe Wave Vector Pattern

Wireframe Wave Vector PatternDownload Button


Geometric Pattern with Waves

Geometic Pattern with WavesDownload Button


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