No wedding invitation is complete without wedding invitation cards and this is where the wedding templates are always a trusted help. You can use these for other wedding stationeries as well. It’s always hectic to prepare for a wedding celebration which hardly spares you time to freely think about the invitation card design – and drafting the card is even more tedious. But you can bid adieu to such worries now as the wedding templates come up with the readymade framework of wedding cards so that you don’t have to do everything from start.

Romantic Wedding Invitation Template

With lovely white doves flying on a soft pink backdrop, you have a truly romantic wedding invitation card here where you can upload a couple shot. It offers sufficient space to mention the time and venue

Simple & Classy Wedding Invitation

The ornate top creates an elegant contrast with the off-white card background and would be great if you are looking for something simple yet classy. You can include entire details of the party date, time and venue.

Invitation Template for Marriage Anniversary

You have a gorgeous marriage anniversary invitation card here which offers you space to upload the picture of the couple along with the invitation details. The towering wedding cake adds the needed flavor to the card.

Anniversary Shower Party Invitation

The two rings sitting close to one another right on top of the card aptly bring in the required romantic aura to the couple shower invitation card. It’s muted background does not get dull thanks to light intricate patterns all over.

Downloadable Wedding Invitation for Free

Wedding needs the grace of god and blessings of guests. Request the honorable presence of your nearer and dearer ones while you join the hands with your life partner. Throw this wedding invitation.

Custom Wedding Celebration Template

Wedding is not just boy meeting the girl. If you feel the invitees presence at the time of vows is valuable then invite them with a whole heart. After all, it’s a onetime event in your life.

Vintage Free Wedding Invitation

If you are looking for a wedding invitation card with an exclusive vintage appeal, this wedding invitation card would be a great thing for you with its yellowish perfect retro feel and not to forget the archaic fonts used.

Elegant Printable Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation template will let the couple-in-love do most of the talking with their brilliant romantic shot decking up the backdrop. You can include the party time, date and venue here.

Royal Wedding Invitation Template

The lovely colorful flower wreath has created a dandy contrast with the rich black backdrop which altogether presents you a truly elegant wedding invitation card. The handwritten font used rise ups the charm quotient by a great extent.

How to use wedding templates?

A wedding celebration is never complete without wedding stationeries and wedding templates are a great help here. You can use these templates for your wedding cards which you send to your near and dear ones by inviting them to your gala wedding celebration. There are templates that even allow you to make the card more inviting with a romantic image of the couple, along with details of your party date, time and venue. Then, you can use the wedding templates for couple shower parties. Besides, the wedding templates are handy even for marriage anniversary invitations, whether it’s your 1st anniversary or your grandparents’ 60th.

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