To sell products or to design something you need to understand the client’s work profile and what the company does. When you know these points, you can build your design or make the necessary changes to suit your client’s profile. The portfolio of an industrial client has to be designed in such a way that a potential investor will choose him. It is necessary that the designer creates the right balance between creativity and practicality in the product or design. It needs to be showcased in the best manner possible.

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Donn Koh

This empirical design concept is elegant and also contemporary; the avant-garde design idea is totally chic. These kinds of design concepts will help you make an impression on future investors.

Dinard da Mata

This is an innovative design where the curved and illuminated music player can be placed on the wrist. And the small wireless headphones also make it more futuristic. The lime green color pops out against the background. It will help you create or design products & websites which would highlight the client’s product portfolio.

Andreas Poser

This robot has been designed similar to a home appliance, the design has muddy- orange color, which is quite attractive and alluring for potential customers.

Darren Finlayson


The product has been photographed against a reflective background; the product’s features are highlighted.

Pedro Gomes Design

The innovative pen or stylus has been designed for tablets. In this photograph we can see that only three things have been highlighted: the stylus, the tablet and the hand. While designing, one should understand the product and also its primary objective.

Maxim Maximov

This chic and innovative table lamp is minimalistic but useful. The book adds to the product’s usefulness, and while designing similar elements should be added to make the design more effective.

Sonny Lim

The product is highlighted against a grey background, and most of the design ideas or concepts are photographed or designed against a grey, silver, white or black background. These add to the elegance and don’t make the viewer’s eyes wander from the product.

Elie Ahovi

The slightly reflective material over which the product has been placed; we can observe the lighting that has been used is not direct or harsh but is soft and creates subtle shadows on the table. The product stands out without making a lot of fuss.

Steven Burgess

Any simple design can be revolutionary, and the product’s utility must be shown to the potential customer or investor.

Owen Read

The camera is the focal point of this design. And as it gives a closer look at the object, we can observe that the product’s details and features have taken prominence without the need of any text.

Sonny Lim

Donn Koh

Andreas Poser

Alberto Vasquez

Any kind of company needs a portfolio that is effective and unique. It could be an automotive company or a telecom company, but each needs to showcase their best product that could change the market. The websites and designs that have been showcased here will inspire you to design something that is efficacious. The designs help you and make your job a lot easier. There are various designs available online, but it would be extremely difficult for you to search for one or two elegant designs. The design portfolio can help the creator as well as the user to meet the desired outcome and get the attention of all the concerned parties easily. There are also a lot of companies that prefer to have an outstanding portfolio to get more clients that can increase the revenue of the business.

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