With your mini-me on the way and you just having figured out the gender, you’re probably just raring to tell everyone in your immediate family and social circle all about it. But how, I ask, do you plan on doing that? Well, these gender reveal invitation designs say one thing: partayyy!

Here, we have a varied collection of the best gender reveal invitation designs. They come in JPG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator formats as well; and they’re absolutely up for download and a few rounds of customization! And while we’re at it (nice segue, huh?), go ahead and check out these Free Baby Shower Invitations.

Fall Gender Reveal Invitation

Fall Gender Reveal Invitation


Twin Gender Reveal Invitation

Twin Gender Reveal Invitation

Elegant Gender Reveal Invitation

Elegant Gender Reveal Invitation

Which Is Which?

It’s always an exciting time when there’s an addition to the family (I mean, save for all the non-ideal things that happen while the bun is in the oven, like, the random outbursts of emotion, the nausea, the breakouts, etc.). It gets even more so during the milestones—the first ultrasound, the first time hearing the heartbeat, the first sonogram. And upon learning the gender, that’s like all the previous milestones rolled into one. So what better way to give importance to such a milestone than to throw a party to let everyone know?

And with the variety of our Free Invitations here, you can get started on that.

  • Standard

There’s a reason for the whole “Boy or Girl?” is called the standard. It’s worked for years. Get your friends and family excited with “Elegant Gender Reveal Invitation.”

  • Clever wordplay

Opt for some alliteration with “Twin Gender Reveal Invitation,” or go rhyme time with “DIY Gender Reveal Invitation.” It kind of adopts the principle of a perfect pop song: if it’s catchy, it works.

  • Themed

Get everyone curious as to what kind of little pumpkin you’re having with “Fall Gender Reveal Invitation,” or let everyone exercise their right to vote with something interactive like “Custom Gender Reveal Invitation.”

Vintage Gender Reveal Invitation

Vintage Gender Reveal Invitation

Gold Glitter Gender Reveal Invitation

Gold Glitter Gender Reveal Invitation

Gender Reveal Party Invitation

Gender Reveal Party Invitation

Funny Gender Reveal Invitation

Funny Gender Reveal Invitation


More to It

Because we know that there’s truly more to things than what meets the eye, we also like to think the same of these Invitation Designs. (Perhaps some of you may even agree.) Given all the options you have here, it’s easy to see that these gender reveal invitations can be used in a number of different ways, a few of them being:

  • Birthday party invitations

Even if your little miss or mister has outgrown the gender reveal phase quite a bit (or quite a lot, as in toddler years), the themes incorporated into the designs are pretty age-friendly. For your little miss celebrating, say, her fifth birthday, something like “Vintage Gender Reveal Invitation” will go well with maybe a tea party theme. A few alterations here and there, and you’re set!

  • Theme inspiration

A fun way to spice up any event is to organize it around a theme. But to stray from the “normal” ones, to make yours different, you have to think of out-of-the-box ideas. And you can definitely gather some inspiration from these invitation designs.

With all that said, with all the options and suggestions offered to you, I leave you with one last thing: don’t leave without downloading.

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