As the name itself explains, bar logos give a hostelry look and several of them are available over the internet for you to choose from. They are of fine and high resolution and quality plus, the effect they will create in the minds of the onlookers will surely garner their preference and bring you the people you want. There are thousands of them to choose from, but for easier preferences, these are could be the top 10 choices: You May also see Wine Logo

Amazing Barbarian Logo Design

Amazing Barbarian Logo DesignSource

If this logo is used in bar branding, they will depict high quality drinks of several varieties such as craft beer for the customers. This logo looks authentic and can represent any barbaric theme. Logo resolution is 300dpi.

Honeybare Cheesecakes Bar Logo

Honeybare Cheesecakes Bar LogoSource

This is an eye catching and cute logo, which represents a brand selling premium cheesecakes. This logo contains a picture of a honeybee in between the name, which shows that the items served are fresh. 300dpi is the resolution here.

The Barrel Bar Logo For You

The Barrel Bar Logo For YouSource

This logo is for those bars, which store their wines or drinks in barrels. The quality is good at 300dpi resolution. The logo is monochrome and carries the picture of an upright barrel and can be customized.

Antojitos Juice Bar Logo

Antojitos Juice Bar LogoSource

Decently sized at 300dpi, the logo has used the bright color orange, which is eye-catching and actively seeks critiques. It can be a good option for you, if you have a juice cum drinks business.

The Reef Beach Bar Logo

The Reef Beach Bar LogoSource

This logo is very creative, innovative and looks astounding due to its quality at 300 dots per inch resolution. It contains glasses of fruit juices and a cut coconut with straws. It describes the shop’s specialty in serving refreshing, delicious flavors in its glasses at beach sides.

Cafe Bar Logo Design For You

Cafe Bar Logo Design For YouSource

This is the perfect logo for a Cafe cum Bar and its ought to attract the attention of your customers when used as an illuminated sign. The font used in the logo is very simple but makes the logo unique and you can get this at 300dpi resolution.

Jade Bar Logo Design For Download

Jade Bar Logo Design For DownloadSource

The alphabets in the word ‘JADE’ used in the logo are placed in a zigzag manner and express its natural tastes. The logo is for bar cum lounges and bistros, while the logo resolution is 300dpi which is quite good.

Awesome Grill Bar Logo

Awesome Grill Bar LogoSource

The grill bar logo contains a spatula which resembles the chef’s cooking skills and their tasty and authentic grilled food menu. The word ‘grill’ means the cooking style of barbeque. This is ideal for restaurants which serve grilled foods and beverages too, and also comes in different colors at 300dpi for your preference.

Yerbabuenabar Log For Download

Yerbabuenabar Log For DownloadSource

This is a logo of a home service which prepares and serves drinks and cocktails in parties and other events. The logo comprises of a mint leaf from which the name is taken to clarify ’mojito’. They have used a resolution of 300dpi in their logo.

The Beehive Lounge Bar Logo

The Beehive Lounge Bar LogoSource

This logo would look good with neon lights in brand logos. The logo is drawn uniquely in yellow over a bluish background and expresses royalty and standard. The logo is very modern and classy and the bee on the top of the name looks astounding. The logo resolution provided is 300dpi.

The Tie Bar Logo Design

The Tie Bar Logo DesignSource

Romantic Wine Bar Logo Design

Romantic Wine Bar Logo DesignSource

The Villains Bar Logo For You

The Villains Bar Logo For YouSource

Grizzly Bar & Grill Logo

Grizzly Bar & Grill LogoSource

Karma Café Bar Logo Design

Karma Café Bar Logo DesignSource

Eagles Bar Logo For Download

Eagles Bar Logo For DownloadSource

Prologue Bar Logo Design

Prologue Bar Logo DesignSource

Vampbarz Logo Design For Download

Vampbarz Logo Design For DownloadSource

Halo Cocktail Bar Logo

Halo Cocktail Bar LogoSource

Beer Kingdom Craft Bar Logo

Beer Kingdom Craft Bar LogoSource

Blackfinn Bar Logo Design

Blackfinn Bar Logo DesignSource

So, the conclusion which arises is that the logos as shown above are the best that you can use. Each logo has its own usability, but depends on how you use it. They are built in light shades with a mixture of colors which can uplift one’s aspirations.

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