A logo is the visual cornerstone of any brand / business / organization or association. Be it your college rock band or your law firm startup, the first thing that the audience/customer notices is your logo. It becomes the face of your business, a representation of your product across both the web and the physical marketplace. As such, you must ensure that you have been able to create a successful logo for your business. Here are some great inspirations for Free Logos that you should check out.

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Cool Coffee Logo Design

This would be an ideal logo to work with if you are working on a modern coffee café or coffee startup. The logo is more than just a basic illustration but also showcases the warmth and charm of holding a cuppa! You may also see Animal Logos.

Cool Band Logo Design

This logo can apply to any kind of business, be it a tech company or a retail business. The inspiration behind the logo is a bent glass window and it could mean a range of things! You may also see Truck Logos.

Cool Bar Logo Design

More often than not, it is the visual appeal of a bar that inspires new customers to come in and check out. Well, if you are planning to open up one commercially, this could be a logo to work with. You may also see Foot Ball Logos.

Sports Logo Design

Planning to open an athletic club of some kind in your institution – school or office? Here’s a cool sports logo design to define your team and your game personality!

Cool Nike Logo Design

Now this would be a logo you would have already seen. The logo is a great way to integrate a show silhouette into the already popular Nike logo. That’s how you too should ‘just do it’!

Company Logo Design

This would be a basic company logo that is perfect for any kind of tech business. If you are coming up with a startup, why not keep your logo simple and appealing like this?

Superman Logo Design

If your company is about super powers, this would be a great representative logo! While it’s not the real superman logo, it does represent something similar and people will know what you are trying to say!

Cool Church Logos

Even churches and other religious institutions will need logos, once they start operating. The logo can go into the letterhead or the website of the church. Try something like this.

Business Logo Design

Another inspirational logo design for general businesses, it shows how simple and relevant the medium can be kept. After all, you are trying to stand out and not confuse the onlooker.

Cool Restaurant Logo

Coming up with a restaurant of your own? Well, you would need a logo that would go into your websites, your menu, your hoardings, your local advertisements and of course your shop front! Hope this works well.

Batman Logo Design

Trying to imitate the popular superhero? Well, this logo can have its own special uses. Embed into your own t-shirt design or just print it out to create cool wallpaper!

Cool Car Logo Design

Are you involved in some kind of car related business? It could be a showroom or a repair shop or garage that you run. This would consequently be a perfect logo to represent your work.

Cool Flower Logo Design

Flowers appeal universally and can be associated with any kind of business, ranging from tech services to boutiques and spas. Here’s an example of how simplistic but representative you can get with the logo.

Cool Animal Logo Design

Are you associated with some kind of animal services or business? If so, this logo has already appealed to you and you can at least get inspired to design your own original logo.

Cool Food Truck Logo Design

Do you run a food delivery service of some kind? Be it an ice cream van or a meal delivery business, this would be a cool and representative logo.

Cool Photography Logo Design


Cool Salon Logo Design


Cool Medical Logo Design


Cool Airplane Logo Design


Cool Baby Logo Design


Cool Ambigram Logo Design


Cool Star Logo Design


How to use these “Cool Logos”?

Each of these logos comes from very talented and creative designers from across the globe. You have the option to download them (with a minimal fee or no fee at all) or check them to get inspired for your own original logo. In both cases, the download is offered in high resolution, generally as a vector file that can be reproduced in both print and web. Just make sure that you have chosen the best representative of your organization. You also have the opportunity for customizing these logos to meet your branding goals. The most recommended software for editing would be Adobe Photoshop.

All of the above cool logo ideas are an effort to make your organization more visually appealing and successful. Logos define a business in lot many ways that you wouldn’t have thought of. It is necessary that you make a reasonable choice. You may also see Origami Logo Designs.

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