Nike, one of the top dogs in the athletic footwear and apparel manufacturing industry, has been around for more than five decades now. With not just quality product but also incredible ad campaigns and the occasional celebrity on their payroll to boot, it’s no wonder why their fan/customer base is still solid and growing and their business has stood the test of time (and controversy).

Speaking of a solid fan base, you fans might like this collection of 8+ elegant Nike logo designs. Also (just in case you’re wondering), these Free Logos are available in JPG, PNG, Vector EPS, etc. formats.

Free Nike Logo Design


Vintage Nike Logo

Nike Fire Logo


Nike Logo Designs 4 Ways

In this collection of Cool Logo Designs that are everything Nike, you’ll be surprised at the variety it comes with. Which is shocking, I know, because after all, how far can you really get with a trademarked logo, right? Check out the collection a bit more, and read on for some short descriptions of the Nike logo designs.

  • Trademark Swoosh – As you can see in “Free Nike Logo Design” and “Nike Inspired Logo,” they feature the Nike logo design known to and loved by all (with the signature Nike swoosh, of course). In the latter, you also get your fill of Nike’s slogan Just Do It.
  • Embroidered or Printed Swoosh – In “Nike Embroidery Logo,” “Nike T-Shirt Logo,” and “Vintage Nike Logo,” you get a closeup of how the Nike swoosh may appear on their line of products. (You can tell with the second one that the product has been well worn.)
  • 3D Swoosh – “Nike Logo Icon” is the anti-flat Nike logo. With its incorporation of black, gray, white, and other details, the Nike swoosh appears raised and with depth and dimension.
  • The Swoosh Reimagined – Then you get a whole slew of Nike swooshes illustrated differently. You have a fiery one in “Nike Fire Logo”; some colorful ones in “Nike Freestyle Logo” and “Colorful Nike Logo”; and an artsy outline in “Black and White Nike Logo.”

Nike Freestyle Logo


Nike Logo Icon


Black and White Nike Logo


Colorful Nike Logo


Nike Logo Design Takeaways

Apart from JPG and PNG files and EPS vectors of the Nike logo designs featured here, you also get a few pointers, which you can take stock of for when you’re developing or updating your own brand logo. (You can also check out these Hand Drawn Logos for additional reference.)

  • Experiment with Different Styles – If it’s time for redesign or a complete rebranding, take advantage of it and play around with different looks and styles! Get quirky with funky patterns, edgy with fire and some spark effects, or artsy with a unique outline. It’s the most opportune time for you to experiment, so just do it!
  • Color Is Your Best Friend – While you’re getting crazy with experimentation, apply the same principle with color. Try out an entirely different color palette from what you have been used to. Maybe opt for more vibrant and bright hues.
  • Sometimes the Standard Just Works – But then again, as you go back to your existing logo, if it works, why change anything?

So with our list of offerings enumerated and take-home pointers discussed, there’s just one thing left for you to do: download these Nike logo designs!

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