Picture yourself inspired to start your own version of a restaurant, a food truck and have high hopes for it. You have studied the market and know what to sell and how to sell. The only thing pending is the design for your logo. Whether you want a luxury logo or a simple logo, check these provided templates and edit them to your liking. Companies hire professionals to design them but why you go through them when you can do it yourself? You may also see Car Logos.

11+ Ready-Made Logo Templates - Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator (AI) - START DOWNLOADING

Retro School Banner Truck Logo

This vector is attractive and bright. The use of blue and yellow as the main color theme makes this crane truck vector bold and catchy to the eye. This can be edited and can be used for any company. You may also see Sport Logos.

Ice Cream Food Truck Logo

This simple food truck is creative and attractive to the kids, which is exactly how an ice cream food truck logo should be. The use of pink, with the sky blue truck and the ice cream cone, serves its purpose.

Highly Customized Truck Logo

This auto truck logo is unique and different. The vector is small, with a cement green background. The truck is also of the same color. The writing is given in a white font, with a yellow background.

Food Truck Logo Design

This awesome food truck logo is available in four styles, flat, grayscale, dark and a light version. These stock illustrations are attractive, using CYMK colors and are available in EPS format.

Speed Design Truck Logo

This simple logo template is real, with the minimal fuss over colors and design. This can be used by any company and is easy to edit. It is available in EPS format. The use of a bright blue on a white background makes this template attractive.


Delivery Truck Logo Design

This fiery red truck vector download is awesome and cool. This is available in three backgrounds and three colors for the truck. They are available in high resolution and in various sizes.

Transport Truck Logo Template

This template is available in three color versions, which are color, grayscale, and in a single color. This logo template can be used for mail trucks, milk trucks etc. IT is very easy to edit.

Crane Truck Logo Design

This awesome crane truck logo design template is available in the yellow and blue base. This is totally editable and can be resized to fit your needs. This vector is available in EPS format.

Truck Company Logo

This attractive truck logo design is made in red and black theme. They are available in various sizes and in high resolution. This can be altered and be used for logistic company or any mail company.

Fire Truck Logo Design

This fire truck design template is attractive and simple. The use of red and black as the main colors make this catchy to the eye. This is available in EPS format and is available for editing and resizing.

Editable Truck Logo Design

This cute logo is set in white, against a bright and cheerful red. The background is available in grayscale, red, white and black. It is given in EPS and PSD format for easy editing and resizing.

Abstract Logo for Truck

This blue truck with red wings poster template is attractive and catchy to the eye. This is set on a black background, enhancing the colors. This can be used for commercial use too.

Dump Truck Outline Logo

The slogan and the text of this vector can be easily edited and changed. This vector is available in EPS format for easy editing and resizing. The color of the logo is also available in single color.

Creative Coffee Truck Logo

This coffee truck logo uses an attractive pink and brown, which stands out from the white background. This can be used for ice-cream trucks or any other food truck also, with slight editing.

Filming Identity Truck Logo

This black and white truck logo is cute and innovative, primarily created for filming and production purposes. The colors can be changed and edited. This adds class to the vector.

Ninja Sword Tire Truck Logo

Stunning Mail Truck Logo

Trade Trucking Show Logo

Professional Typography Truck Logo


Branding Mini Truck Logo

Companies now are coming up with catchy and innovative logos, to attract their customers. These market logos are what you call the current trend, which is high on the hip line and posh. Ranging from different colors to sizes, from formats to shapes, these truck logos will help you design and customize your own.

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