Whether or not coffee is your personal morning starter, it is undeniable that it is the favorite of the majority. Given this factcoffee being highly marketable—plenty have taken to profiting from it. And though there are several means to do just this (e.g., coffee bean farmer/exporter, coffee manufacturer, etc.), the most heavily condensed is the coffee shop industry.

There are, of course, the big players like Starbucks and the mom-and-pop types like your local café.

If you are thinking about joining the bandwagon and setting up shop, then perhaps these Cafe Logos may interest you. They come in the formats editable PSD, AI, and Vector EPS; and they’re up for grabs!

Coffee & Mug Logo


Vintage Coffee Logo


Retro Coffee Logo


A Cup of Joe for the Average Joe

Trying to gain entry in an already extremely saturated industry, is a ridiculously difficult feat. Add to that the different startup costs you have to incur, which you’ll earn back in who knows how long, and you might as well not bother.

But with our array of creative coffee logo designs, you can at least take one thing off your plate . . . or mug.

  • Is it a coffee beanshaped mug or mug-like coffee bean? Gasp! The “Coffee Bean Logo” design is straightforward, cute, and will be easily remembered by customersregular and potential.
  • Another bet for those who like to keep things minimal and to the point (like how some people prefer their coffee black) is the “Coffee & Mug Logo” design.
  • As compared to the other Free Logos, “Coffee Restaurant Logo” says drops of love in a cup. If you’re into that sort of thing, this design’s the one for you.
  • No other coffee logo design (well, save for the one after this) spells nostalgia like the “Vintage Coffee Logo.” And what a clever use of four colors too!

Coffee Cup Logo


Vector Coffee Logo


Coffee House Logo Design


City Coffee Company Logo


Coffee Shop Logo


  • “Retro Coffee Logo” shows that you don’t even need an ounce of color to produce a solid logo design. With its retro look, it could very well take you on a trip down memory lane . . . perhaps to when you had your first cup of the good stuff.
  • Talk about minimalist, “Coffee Cup Logo” surely kept things bite-sized! Hey, this could help you make your brand more memorable to our customers.
  • “Vector Coffee Logo” doesn’t just offer one logo design. Nope! It gives you six options. Not only that but the design itself makes it more . . . sticker-able. (Months down the line, you could release your own planners! Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.)
  • The “Coffee House Logo Design” perhaps takes the cake in the “owning it” category. Well, if you got the product to blow the competition out of the water no matter at what price point, why not, right?
  • “City Coffee Company Logo” shows that just because you’re working with coffee doesn’t mean you have to limit your color palette.
  • Then you got “Coffee Shop Logo” with the signature cup, saucer, and squiggly lines for the steam.

With all these Cool Logo Designs, you’re sure to have a magical time trying to decide which one will work out best for you and your startup. But whatever you see fit, know that there’s still a long road ahead. Don’t get too caught up in everything.

Remember to have a cup once in a while.

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