The design and layout of a magazine attract the attention of the readers in the first place. The Architecture Magazines normally attract the readers who are interested in the classy designs, so the layout and the design of having to be perfect. The interior design magazine gives its readers the ideas about decorating their own houses. You may also see Professional Magazines.

So, the template or the colors of the interior design magazine needs to be informative and attractive. Along with the contemporary designs, the layouts must be easy-to-read yet enticing. Here are a couple of designs for the layouts to help you to choose from. You may also check News Magazines.

Smart Layered Architecture Magazine

The smartly layered architecture signifies the use of the layers with the variance of the colors. This magazine layout is perfect for the magazine targeting the women readers.

Editorial Magazine Spread Architecture

For the classy and upmarket readers, the magazine needs to get the Editorial Magazine Spread Architecture for their Home & Design Magazine. The minimalism effects can be used to portray the contemporary designs.

Conceptual Architecture Magazine Layout

This layout is normally inspired by the topography. The high-quality colors and the photographs are needed to be used in this magazine layout. These kinds of designs are perfect for the International magazines to give the readers a clear vision of designs they want for their house.

Landscape Architecture Magazine Design

The architectural design template named structure is a very modern, clean and crisp design. These types of the template also work in online PDF files. The colors, text can be edited very easily. To portray the modern chic designs this product is one of the best.

Modern Architecture Magazine

This design template can be described as clean, crisp and highly professional. The easy to use a modern template is perfect for the fashion or design magazines apart from the architectural magazines. The file format available for download is Idml and Indd.

Layout Architecture Magazine

The simple yet crisp classy magazine layout in the vector is perfect for the architectural magazine which wants to portray abstract images.

Software Modern Architecture Magazine

This architectural modern template is neat and clean professional template which can be used in InDesign. This template design can come with 30 pages of unique designs for all the articles, interviews or the pictures of the Architectural magazines. The files are available in Indd and Idml format.

Progressive Architecture Magazine Design

This Multipurpose Magazine Template is a professional template which is suited for all kinds of magazine. This template normally consists of 26 pages. The content of this magazine can be easily edited and customized.

Architecture Online Vector Magazine

This design template is another vector magazine layout. This high-resolution layout is another layout which can be customized easily. It is also available in different sizes to fit according to your need.

Architecture Journal Magazine Design

The simple yet classy temple is set to bring out the colors of the pictures which are to be inserted. This product comes with 20 pages which can be easily customized.

Frame Architecture Magazine Cover

The template used in Frame Architecture Magazine can be described as elegant, fashionable, clean, trendy yet professional. Moreover, it can be used for multiple purposes. This template can be also available in INDD, IDML format.

Architecture Record Magazine Design

The specialty of this temple is it can be used to accommodate the portraits. The type of this layout is a vector.

Business Blue Architecture Magazine

The design of this layout is often described as a modern metro design which is clean and crisp. The complex architectural designs can be fitted in this template very easily.

Minimalistic Architecture Magazine

It is another template which has used the minimalistic effect to design the pages.

Vintage Homestyle Architectural Magazine

This template is used in the architectural of late 20th century. To portray the old vintage style designs this template is a perfect choice.

Download Architecture Magazine Design

Architectural Digest Magzine Design

Mughal Architecture Magazine Cover

Stunning Architecture Magazine

Architecture Magazine Bundle

Ultimately, the main factor of a magazine which is a representation of architecture needs to be clean and crisp so that the contents or design gets highlighted. Similarly, the tourism magazines are supposed to describe the places or the destinations which can encourage the people to visit that place. So, the template for the tourism magazines also needs to be perfect to tempt the readers for buying it.

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