A sharp, sleek and snazzy magazine is desired by every brand as it is a tool that helps in growth of business. For companies that are in the health sector, it is important to have a magazine that gives people the idea about your work. So you must choose a health magazine that is different from a technology magazine and helps your customers to instantly connect with your brand. With the help of right design elements, a powerful health magazine can be created. You may also see News Magazines.

Beauty Health Magazine Layout Design

This health magazine layout is an amazing template which has the picture of fruits on its cover. This template can be used for branding and promotion of a company. You may also check Sports Magazines.

Men’s Health Full Project Magazine Design

This health and lifestyle magazine template is focused on men and flaunts a superb layout. There are several layers which businesses can use to put their content and pictures. You may also see Food Magazines.

Natural Health Magazine Cover Page

This natural health magazine template can be used by resorts, spas, Ayurveda hubs etc; to promote their brand. The cover photo is suitable for businesses related to health and lifestyle.

Customizable Health Magazine Template

This health magazine template looks very cool and comes in editable and customizable format. It has forty pages and has magazine relevant fonts and layers which make it great for designers.

Women’s Health Care Magazine Template

This women health and fitness magazine comes in A4 size and can be edited and customized as per your project need. This template comes in IDML and INDD format.

Yoga Health Magazine Cover Template

This magazine template focuses on Yoga and has a marvellous layout with an animated cover. This template comes in various quality types and in JPG and EPS format.

Men’s Power Fitness Health Magazine

This free health magazine template is more focused on men’s fitness and has the relevant pictures of it on the cover. The font and the layers used in the template can be easily customized.

SJ Health – Medical Magazine Template

This simple and minimal layout template of creative magazines for health can be used to design your own magazine. You can take a cue from the design and add in your creative ideas.

Healthy Nutrition Glossy Magazine

This health and fitness magazine template employs creative design language to communicate with the audience. This layout comes in high resolution and can be downloaded easily.

Health And Medical InDesign Magazine

This health and medical magazine template have a simple and informative layout. The template focuses more on the content and has A4 style.

Multipurpose Modern Health Magazine Template

This creative health magazine template looks very cool and you can add layers and sections for healthy recipes in the template as well.

Health Magazine Layout Design

This template of creative magazines for health will help you get an idea about how your health magazine should look like. This comes in EPS and JPG file format.

Medical Health Magazine – Horizontal A5 Template

This medical template looks professional and comes in a fully editable format. The colour palette of blue and white makes this layout look elegant.

Health Care- Health Magazine Website

This health care magazine template comes with a PSD template. This layout can be easily customized and edited which makes it very useful for designers.

NHS Health Magazine Design Template

This simple template looks lovely and has impressive images in its cover. The theme, colour palette, and font of the template is also amazing.

Vintage Soviet Russian Health Magazine

Clean & Modern Health Medical Magazine Template

Women’s Fitness Health Magazine Design

Universal Health Magazine Template

Professional Health and Medical Magazine Template

Design of a Health Magazine Layout

The use of health sign as the primary design conveys healthy lifestyle and fitness and the benefits of good health. This idea is beautifully captured by a health magazine. There are several variations that can be introduced in this design to make it stand out from others.

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