In a world which is leaning more and more towards becoming health-conscious and staying fit, sales of fitness magazines have been seeing results. There is a long slew of fitness magazines available on the market stands and in the online space. There is so much competition in this category that every fitness magazine is perennially looking for content which is never-seen-before and never-read-before. It is difficult of course, but fitness magazines are facing the challenge in a well-fit way. Have you seen the designs of fitness magazines now? They are posh, fresh and packed to the brim. Let’s share with you some health fitness magazine design samples which you could work your way around with! You can also see Sports Magazines.

Sports Editorial Fitness Magazine

Here’s a magazine editorial cover on which you can very easily flex all your creative muscles. Use your choice of photo-editing tool and customize this cover sample to create a fitting magazine cover of your choice! You can also see News Magazines.

Sport Magazine Template of Fitness

This is yet another very good magazine vector that you download and edit to create a fitting fitness magazine cover. The image is not available in the template. You can also see Corporate Magazines.

Exercise Fitness Advertisement Magazine

Create a good-quality advertisement for your magazine by using this one-page advertisement vector. It can be usefully customized and submitted to be placed in newspapers, magazines etc.

Women’s Fitness Magazine

This is an A4 size magazine template which contains a professional design and layout. The template is feature-rich and wired with apt editing and customization settings to assist you in creating an A-quality magazine mockup.

A3 Magazine for Fitness

This A3 size magazine template contains a stack of 28 well-designed and fully-editable pages. Users can easily and quickly implement edits and insert text and images of their choice and create a good magazine mockup!

Muscle Fitness Magazine

If your fitness magazine is going to be bulky and heavy-duty, choose and use this fitness magazine sample. In this, there is a pile of 51 well-made and fully-customizable pages which are wired with fully-editable features and free fonts. Plus, there is a FREE cover also included!

Outdoor Fitness Magazine Page

This is a glossy magazine cover page vector. It is equipped with a kind of customizable and editable features and options. You can adjust the size of the vector without the display quality getting affected.

Fitness Body Magazine

This is a bodybuilding magazine mockup which is packed with laudable customizable features – you can easily alter the text, colors, styles, and images. Free fonts also included.

Minimal Fitness Conceptual Magazine

Here’s a conceptual magazine spread which you could download and work with to create a unique magazine spread for your own project.

Health Fitness Magazine

This A4-size contains 30 well-designed and print-ready pages. You can use this magazine mockup for designing a magazine on all kinds of topics – not just fitness-related. You also get 2 editable cover designs in the pack!

Fitness Magazine Cover Shoot

If you’re tasked to create a winsome magazine cover for a fitness-related project, we’d place our vote for this customizable cover sample. It looks great and is easy to edit in all respects.

Fitness Day A4 Magazine

Download this fitness magazine template and experience the joy of putting contents in 78 pages! Well, you don’t necessarily have to design and utilize all the pages. We are only letting you how heavy this magazine template really is!

Gym Fitness Advice Magazine

This magazine example has all the trimmings to be used to design a magazine for fitness and much else. It’s a well-crafted template and contains abundant customization and editing options.

Men’s Fitness Magazine

This pack featuring multiple magazine cover templates can easily be used and designed to play the role of fitness flyers if required. A total of 3 magazine cover templates are available in the bundle – all of them easily editable and high quality.

Fitness Magazine Template Cover

Highly Customizable Fitness Magazine

Fashion & Fitness Magazine

Printable Fitness Magazine Design

Women Stationery Fitness Magazine

Fitness magazines have to look healthy just as they must have fit contents to attract maximum readership. We have compiled the best templates from the bunch. Download and use them to make catchy magazine designs for your publishing projects!

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