The designers are always in search of the objects or concepts from our day to day life, which they can blend in their design to make it look unique and remarkable. The lawn texture is a great example of such objects as it is widely used by the professional designers to give a refreshing and energizing look to the design.  

From dark green colored grass to light colored grass, long grass to short grass, these appealing textures feature every type of lawn grass. These textures are amazing resources that come handy while creating backgrounds or wallpapers for photo manipulation or web designs. With these Green Textures in your graphic library, you’ll surely complete your projects faster than before!

5 Grass & Lawn Textures

This is a set of 5 different grass and lawn textures available in high resolution with 300 dpi. This ready to print and web design is useful as the backgrounds for the business card, website, 3d programs, etc.

Green Lawn Background Texture

This lush green lawn texture is an amazing website and desktop background. It showcases the beauty of fresh and bright grass that perfectly wraps up the ground under it. This texture background of green grass is a popular designer’s choice.

Grass Lawn Hi-Res Texture

This is large scale high-resolution texture of green grass lawn, which is great for background purposes. It is brilliantly created using 16 separate photographs of 12 megapixels with careful editing. It has a display of a single perfect tiling and it is a 100% seamless image.

Seamless Lawn Texture For Desktop

This is a stunning seamless lawn texture, which has an appealing outlook of the freshly cut and trimmed grass. This striking texture comes in different size options to provide designers exact texture to beautify their design.  

Green Lawn Dry Spots Texture

This intriguing texture features lawn with the view of light green grass that contains some dry spots as well as various plant species. This bright and vivid lawn texture also includes small white flowers.

Download Grass Texture

This wonderful grass texture comes with 2 images with a different view of the grass lawn. It perfectly showcases the texture on the surface of the lawn that is formed with the mixture of fresh and dry grass.  

Green Grass Or Lawn In The Garden

This attractive texture features green grass in the lawn of the garden, which can be used to cover-up the background of websites, desktop, photographs, etc. The presence of dried leaves on the green grass gives the texture a realistic effect.

Long Flattened Lawn Texture

This remarkable lawn texture pictures the flattened long blades of the green grass in the lawn. It has consistent green grass that maintains the refreshing and revitalizing the appearance of the lawn texture.  

Tileable Grass Texture Pack

This is a fantastic pack of tileable grass texture, which includes 8 different grass texture suitable for various designing purposes. All the textures have a resolution of 4096 x 4096.

Dry Leaves On The Lawn Texture

This astonishing lawn texture consists of a view of green grass with dry leaves fallen on it. This attractive texture is an ideal texture for portraying the concept of spring, nature, etc.  

Grassy Lawn Environmental Texture 

High Quality Lawn Texture

Lush Green Grass Texture

Blue-Green Grass Texture

Artificial Grass Field Texture

Green Soccer Lawn Field Texture

Fully Mixed Lawn Texture

Partly-Dry Lawn Texture

Suburia Green Lawn Texture

Inconsistent Patchy Lawn Texture

Irregular Short Grass Texture

Now, you do not have to create backgrounds for your projects related to ground, lawn, nature, or field from scratch, as you can make use of these readily available textures that comes with an appealing and engaging outlook. All of these textures have a different story to tell, so you can opt for the one that relates to your design’s pattern completely.

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