The colour green can symbolise nature and balance. So, as a designer, you can add a lot of vibrancy and elegance with green. On a stressful day, green can make you more peaceful, and it would surely help you to relax. It’s a soothing color, so using it as a desktop or phone wallpaper could be extremely helpful to you. It would have a calming presence in your life, and also you can edit these beautiful green textures in Photoshop. The various results with the skilled photoshop result one can have wonderful textures as well as completely different look to the screen and display in idle time. One can also use it in natural forms. You may also Colorful Textures

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Green Leaf Texture

Leaf textures can be quite soothing and inspirational, it can also improve the mood. The bright green leaf texture can work as desktop background or smartphone wallpaper. It displays one’s love to nature and hence it is perfect for an environmentalist or a nature lover.

Green Wooden Fence Texture

The rough wooden green fence texture can be used as a website background or for a blog. It has the harsh wooden effect or texture, which helps the designer to add some naturalism to the image or design. If you love to have furniture with a retro look, this can be a perfect design.

Rusted Green Paint Texture

The rusted green paint can be used to achieve some old-style background for websites or photography pages which need a warm outlook or distressed look. For a photographer, this texture can offer a great value addition to his laptop or a smartphone.

Green Textures Wallpapers

The slightly distressed green texture can work as wallpaper for your smartphone. Designers can also place a text over the background. This can make one change the mood and offer great efficiency also.

Dark Green Wood Texture

The dark green wood texture can be utilized to create a dark and sombre look, the moody look or texture with some floral design or Italic text can look marvellous. For the professionals with creative work, this can be the best option.

Amazing Green Texture

The texture are easily downloadable, and the star-studded texture can be used to create a lot of logos or designs. The faded outlook can be blended with vibrant text or designs. Added text to this logo with a beautiful message can add great value to the users mobile or laptop screen.

Seamless Green Carpet Texture

For a seamless background for games and websites, this design can be implemented. It is freely available; you can effortlessly edit in Photoshop according to your need. Just select a perfect design and change it as per your will. Your screen can have a different look just in a few seconds.

Watercolor Green Texture

The watercolour texture has an inconsistent design which can be blended as a background layer for a poster design or website. The color and the layer’s blending mode can be altered in Photoshop, to get your desired look.

Green Grunge Texture

Grunge textures can be made gorgeous with some intuitive & innovative design ideas. It can work as a background for a desktop PC or smartphone.

Green Wind Texture

It is a captivating texture if you need a soft green texture for your smartphone. It can also work as a background for a blog or website for an environmental cause.

Stained Green Metal Texture

Crumpled Green Paper Texture

Beautiful Green Texture

Velvet Green Texture

Bright Green Knit Texture

Simple Green Texture


Green Motherboard Texture

Wood Weathered Mossy Green Texture

High Resolution Green Painting Texture

Fabric Green Swirl Texture

Green Brick Painted Texture

All these green texture types can be very useful if you wish to make a website for an environmental organization. The green can also represent renewable energy, which creates zero carbon footprint. It could also be used to design logos or poster, which can have primary color text on them or any other pattern or design. All these can be blended or layered in Photoshop. The green textures are free to be downloaded and edited as you wish. These vibrant green textures can also adorn your wall with natural elegance.

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