The texture is defined as the surface quality and feel of an object. From the warm sensation of seeing a furry blanket to the ruggedness of a chopped of wood, the magic lies in the texture. You already know what it would feel like just by seeing the object. This is also what graphic designing is all about – imitating the reality in the form of visuals. Textures have always played a vital role in all forms of graphic designing and if you have been specifically looking for Paper Textures, here are some unique ones to check out.

Old Paper Texture

Old Paper TextureOld paper, as in old notebooks found in your grandfather’s store offer a unique texture that’s delicate, damped and looks used. There’s a special kind of charm to it. Well, here’s an equally representative vector that you can use. You may also see Cardboard Paper Textures.


Watercolor Paper Texture

Watercolor Paper TextureWatercolor also creates a unique texture on paper, leaving behind color gradient marks and an extraordinary palette. Well, if you have been looking for the same, here’s a high-quality vector that can get useful. You may also see Brown Paper Textures.


Smudged Paper Texture

Smudged Paper Texture

The smudged paper gives the feel of a crumpled paper sheet that has been carelessly used. In this case, the smudged paper texture absorbs a range of color, making it look highly representative. You may also see Construction Paper Textures.


Blue Construction Paper Texture

Blue Construction Paper TextureConstruction papers always integrate those unique grains that make them different from other papers. Offering a hint of handmade product, this texture can be a great background for a range of graphic design work.


Vintage Grunge Paper Texture

Vintage Grunge Paper TextureVintage paper automatically stands out with its rugged but royal appeal. In this case, the vintage texture also integrates a grunge shade to make things more charming.


Folded Paper Texture Overlays

Folded Paper Texture OverlaysFolded and crumpled paper has its own charm when you are looking for interesting paper patterns. This should suit a range o graphic designing purpose, ranging from greeting card designs to poster backgrounds.

Grunge Parchment Paper Texture

Grunge Parchement Paper TextureParchment textures involve a unique appeal you would generally associate with natural coloring. This is similar to what you would see in textured marbles. Use this texture for a range of projects, even website backgrounds.

Seamless Paper Texture

Seamless Paper TextureAdding a paper texture to your design background makes your final output more interesting. This is regardless of whether you are trying to design a website or a material that will be finally printed.

Crumpled Paper Texture

Crumpled Paper TextureCrumpled paper creates an interesting abstract of a design that can be put into creative background work. If you are designing something that should look used, this would be a great texture to work with.

Old Torn Paper Textures

Old Torn Paper TextureTorn paper gives your design a dated and rugged look, making it perfect for some kinds of design work. Here, we have been able to perfectly recreate the same texture using Photoshop brushes.

Dark Rough Paper Texture

Dark Rough Paper TextureThis would be a texture that would represent a dark sand paper. Rough and dark, this can also make an interesting background for a range of graphic design work, ranging from websites to business card backgrounds.

Cardboard Paper Texture

Cardboard Paper TextureCardboards are grained papers that have been roughly produced. However, the lack of smoothness also creates an interesting visual and this texture can thus be applied to creative design works.

Handmade Paper Texture

Handmade Paper TextureHandmade papers are easily recognizable and attach an aesthetic appeal. This texture vector would be perfect if you are trying to come up with a greetings card background and similar material.

Creased Gilded Paper Texture

Creased Gilded Paper TextureIn this case, the texture takes the form of a crumpled abstract. Made from a darker color, the resulting glided and work out texture can be attached to creative graphic design works.

Brown Paper Texture

Brown Paper TextureAs kids, we already have developed a fascination for brown paper. Well, here’s a perfect representative of the same, allowing you to revisit the old days!

14 HD Paper Textures

14 HD Paper TextureDownload

Glossy Paper Texture

Glossy Paper TextureDownload

Shiny Black Paper Texture

Shiny Black Paper TextureDownload

10 Tileable Paper Textures

10 Tileable Paper TextureDownload

Download Plain Paper Texture

Download Plain Paper TextureDownload

Artistic Flower Paper Texture

Artistic Flower Paper TextureDownload

How to use the “Paper Textures”?

Most of the above paper textures come as EPS Vectors. Offered in high-resolution, you can use these vectors as one-stop background for any kind of work, be it a website or a big hoarding. Just download the vector file and edit it as necessary with any popular graphic editing software. We would recommend using Adobe Photoshop or Coral Draw for the best flexibility in editing. The vectors facilitate print in all sizes and for all purposes. Most of these textures are offered for free but for some, you might have to pay a little token fee.

Depending on what type of project you are involved in, there would be a wide range of textures to choose from. We hope that you have found the perfect match in the above collection. Do also let us know if you have been looking for something else. You may also see Watercolor Paper Textures.

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