Architects and designers often look out for innovative marble textures while planning new buildings. For online sales and commercial stores, templates of marble texture are crucial. There are various types of marbles and the textures vary according to its category. Even the same type of marble can be polished to deliver different textures for personalized use. The marble texture templates are extensively used across online and offline platforms. Here are fifteen Free Textures for you to download.

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Seamless Marble Texture For Free

In this template, a seamless marble texture is presented and it resembles a cluster of abstractness. Light red and milky white color have been blended to create a good color combination. You may also see Colorful Textures.

Seamless Marble Textures

Choose any material, tiles, paper, fabric and anything, and you will be able to get a print of these marble textures on these materials. Different patterns of shades have been incorporated in these textures. You may also see Stone Textures.

Vector Marble Texture

This texture resembles a stone finish and gray marbles these are ideal for flooring purposes. If you need an abstract background, you can opt for this particular category.

Tileable Marble Texture

This marble texture is ideal for flooring. The grains are fine and densely packed. The visible colors include red, black and brown. You can download the image for free.

Pack of Marble Textures

This is an entire set of marble textures. There is a good color variation in the set, including shades of red, brown, gray and yellow. These can be printed on paper or textiles for customized use.

Old Marble Texture

If you need an old marble texture template, this is the ideal one for you. This marble is gray in color and looks quite old. There are patches of black stains in some of the areas on its surface.

Natural Marble Texture

Natural marble is devoid of any particular geometric pattern. In this template, two different shades of gray have been used to create a beautiful patchwork.

Amazing Marble Texture

This is a beautiful texture, based on a stained blue base. You can use this texture image in a personal document. You can even edit the texts at the top of the image.

 Light Colored Different Marble Textures

These marbles textures are of the same category, only the surface color is different. There are stained traces on the surface of each of the categories. These are all light colored marbles.

Photoshop Marble Textures

When you look out for personalized patterns and designs, you can incorporate these textures on various surfaces. The light colored marbles are stained and had a rock finish.

Colored Marble Texture

If you need colored marble texture, simply download this template and use it for your purpose. The texture of this marble is fine-grained and present a beautiful blend of light blue and white.

Grunge Marbled Texture

Grunge marbled textures are used for academic projects and commercial purposes. This template resembles as actual marble, which is a print of the original marble taken on a paper.

Colorful Marble Texture

In case you need a colorful marble, with traces of violet, blue, and other colors in it, this is the ideal choice. You are free to edit the template and download it.

Color Marble Texture

This is a beautiful specimen of blended marble color texture. The light and dark color variations and the diluted effect make the texture beautiful. Download it for any personalized purpose.

Simple Marble Texture

If you need a simple marble with shades of blue, you can download this texture. These are used in fabric prints, stationaries, and other customized purposes.

Different Marble Madness Textures


Marble Background Texture


Brown Marble Texture Background


Free Marble Texture


Marble Texture For Free


Brown Marble Texture


How to use these “Marble Textures”?

When you need a particular marble texture, you can go through the web pages and find out the one that goes well for your purpose. You can download the templates free of cost from the website. These marble textures are generally used in commercial stores, along with the package boxes. The main purpose is to demonstrate the nature of the marble, the density of its grains, the blends of different shades and so on. You can look out for particular categories like black marble texture or marble background iPhone. You can use them in product catalogs in online portals as well. You may also see Soil Textures.

Marbles textures are of various categories and you may be looking out for a particular texture. You may also require are marble background HD textures and these are all available on the website. You can explore the pages for the right choice and print the textures that match your requirements.

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