There is something so infinitely awesome about textures and the things they do in a design.  With the right kind of textures in hand, designers can easily elevate the final outcome of a design and perennially alter its overall appearance. There is a reason why patterns and textures are often touted as the heroic-elements in a design. In today’s edition, we supply you with incredible sedimentary Rock Textures which we play a party in lending their effectiveness in your creative works. Whether it is an online or offline project, you can utilize the textures in whatever way you deem fit for the good of the project.

Sedimentary Rock Texture Background

This very high quality image of a stone texture background can perfectly infuse feels of roughness and ruggedness in your design. As the texture image is high resolution, you can easily resize to suit the needs of your project.

Sedimentary Sandstone Texture

Sandstone has a grainy surface, akin to different kinds of sands which are usually found. Check out this sandstone texture which can be developed in Photoshop and used as background or wallpaper design.

Download Sedimentary Rock Texture

Here you can view page full of sedimentary rock textures of different varieties. Some of the textures are seamless, while some of them are layered. Download them and keep them in your collection, surely they will be handy at one occasion or more!

High Resolution Rock Texture

Check out this wonderful rocky texture – available in different sizes – which can be used for purposes of print design and web design. You can easily overlay text on the image and create a good wallpaper design.

Cracked Pavement Rock Texture

This is an up-close view of a rock – presumably on the pavement. This is a completely collectible texture. The texture is deep and all-revealing. Using Photoshop you can accentuate its elements even more to suit your design.

Sedimentary Metamorphic Rock Texture

This is a texture image featuring a piece of black and white colored metamorphic rock. The rock seems to be flaunting the presence of other minerals in different patches. You can save this image and rework on it to make a brilliant background image for offline and online projects.

Sedimentary Rock Perforated Texture

This brown and beige colored rock texture is available in four different variations. If you love collecting stone texture, then we’d suggest you don’t miss out on including and using this in your works!

Smooth Shiney Sedimentary Rock Texture

This is an amazing sedimentary rock texture which has got an array of different sedimentary rocks inset and spread out to form a single texture design. Ideal for web and print projects, this is a high-resolution texture image.

Texture Of Sedimentary Rock Surface

Rock surfaces are awesome and are tailor-made to be converted into wonderful-looking backgrounds for web and non-web projects. You can easily use this specimen to be the backdrop for product designs as well – mobile covers, book covers, wallets, etc.

Dirt Sedimentary Rock Texture

Red And White Granite Rock Texture

Elegant Rock Sharp Texture

Red Brown Layered Sedimentary Texture

Multistory Sedimentary Rocks Texture

Black Biotite Rock Quartz Texture

Smooth Eroded Rock Texture

Striped Colorful Sedimentary Rock Texture

Black Sedimentary Rock Texture


Gray Limestone Rock Texture

Weathered Colored Rock Texture

Stone and rock textures are so versatile. Irrespective of what the genre of your project may be you can always count or stone and rock textures to come to your aid, if and when the need arises. Our compilation of sedimentary rock textures contains some of the very best textures you can find on the Web!

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