Textures are of great use to designers as they make the designs look realistic and add to the design language. Sidewalk textures are one such design that artists use in modeling, creating wallpapers, vectors etc. You can get a lot of sidewalk textures that can be edited and customized in Photoshop. These textures come in different patterns and palettes which allow designers to pick up designs that suit their projects. You can download these textures in various file formats. You may also see Marble Floor Textures.

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Light Colored Flagstone Sidewalk Texture

This sidewalk texture has a realistic texture which makes it a great choice for designers. This pattern displays big stone which is embedded in the sidewalk. The light shade used in the texture makes it a great choice for website or brochure backgrounds. You may also check Broken Concrete Textures.

High Quality Greasy Sidewalk Texture

This sidewalk texture has a grungy appearance and makes use of a lot of detailing that appeal instantly. The high resolution of this texture makes it good for designs as the quality will not be affected by resizing. This Photoshop texture can be used for both personal and commercial design projects for free. You may also see Scratched Metal Textures.

Scratchy Rough Sidewalk Texture


This seamless sidewalk texture has a rough and scratchy look which makes it stand out. This scratchy texture looks very real and can be used for commercial and personal purposes. This texture has a grungy effect and imitates the look of a concrete sidewalk.

Creaked Sidewall Texture

This sidewalk texture has a creaked appearance and comes in high resolution. This texture will be of great use to designers as it can be used in brochures, flyers, and other promotion material.

Pavement Tileable Sidewalk Texture

This Photoshop texture features the appearance of pavement. This texture comes in high-resolution and in different sizes which will be very helpful for your design projects. The illustration can be used in businesses that pertain to construction, architecture, building etc.

Sidewalk Block Gray Texture

This high-resolution texture looks very real and has a gray palette which makes it a great sidewalk design. Graphic artists can download this vector and customize them as per the requirements of the clients. This texture is available in high-resolution JPG format and in different sizes.

Grunge Sidewalk Brick Texture

This illustration features a brick wall with a grungy texture that can be used in a variety of advertising material. It displays a wall of gray bricks and comes in high-resolution which makes it a great resource for graphic artists. You can easily edit and customize this texture in Photoshop.

Awesome Concrete Sidewalk Texture

This texture illustrates a concrete sidewalk with a realistic pattern that artists will find useful. The design is available in high resolution and comes in different sizes, thus catering to the varying needs of the clients. It can be used for a variety of design projects.

Photoshop Sidewalk Texture

This Photoshop texture has a 3D texture which adds to its realistic effect. This sidewalk design displays a ground with embedded stones and rocks which make this texture very useful. Graphic artists can download this texture which is available in JPG and TIFF format. It is also available in different sizes which are an added virtue.

Sidewalk Glass Seamless Texture

This texture features a sidewalk design with shards of glass that emit a reflection of various colors. This beautiful sidewalk texture is a great thing for designers as the design is unique and lovely. This texture is found commonly in sidewalk construction and has been recreated beautifully in this layout.

Old Sidewalk Texture Design

Stone Sidewalk Texture Design

Sidewalk Cool Pavement Texture

Download Sidewalk Texture

Scalloped Cement Sidewalk Texture

Topping Road Surface Sidewalk Texture

Floor Pavement Sidewalk Texture

Regular Metal Bolts Sidewalk Texture

High Resolution Sidewalk Texture

Sidewalk Patio Smooth Texture

Sidewalk textures come in various designs and patterns which can be used to design professionals in their creations. You can add in your creative ideas and make the texture more interesting. They are also available in different file formats that make it convenient for designers to use it in their projects.

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