If you are tired of using plain and smooth tired then you should go for the intriguing rough textures that give an edgy effect to the design. Here, we brought you a handpicked collection of admirable rough textures that comes with unusual patterns. The classiness of the textures will drag the attention of the visitors to your website. Check them out, they are downloadable for free!

High Quality Rough Grunge Texture

High Quality Rough Grunge TextureDownload

 Multipurpose Rough Texture

Multipurpose Rough TextureDownload

Rough White Wall Painted Texture

Rough White Wall Painted TextureDownload

High Res Rough Grunge Texture

High Res Rough Grunge TextureDownload

15 Rough Cement Textures Pack

Rough Cement Textures PackDownload


Download Free Rough Texture

Download Free Rough TextureDownload

From worn out roads to the ripped bark of the tree, the high-quality textures lets you give an outlook to your project that is commendable and remarkable. The powerful and intense exterior of the textures deepens the meaning of every word that is imprinted on it. Therefore, be it a flyer, menu card or poster, using these bumpy and irregular textures, you can make them eye catchy instantly.

Rough Paper Texture

Rough Paper TextureDownload

Free Rough Photoshop Texture

Free Rough Photoshop TextureDownload

Rough Textured Blue cement Wall Background

Rough Textured Blue cement Wall BackgroundDownload

High Res Rough Grunge Textures

High Res Rough Grunge TexturesDownload

Rough Wood Plank Texture

Rough Wood Plank TextureDownload

Give your blog a completely new look every day with the extremely delightful rough textures that will engage the readers in its fascinating outlook. No more compromising with the colour of textures, as these intriguing textures are available in a variety of colours like yellow, brown, gray, etc.

High Res Colorful Rough Textures

High Res Colorful Rough TexturesDownload

Rough Cloth Texture

Rough Cloth TextureDownload


Photoshop Grungy Rough Texture

Photoshop Grungy Rough TextureDownload

15 High Res Rough Texture for Photoshop

15 High Res Rough Texture for PhotoshopDownload


For websites referring to the beach, the designer can use the muddy texture, which features uneven and rough pattern of mud to relate the content to the background. There’s a lot of choices waiting for you in high resolution rough textures that allow you to use a new background for a new project. The attractiveness of these Photoshop textures can be transformed to the printable materials like posters, pamphlets, etc just by using these exciting rough textures as its background.

Rough Vintage Blossom Free Texture

Rough Vintage Blossom Free TextureDownload

Rough Wood Texture

Rough Wood TextureDownload

Five Old Rough Weatherboard Wall White Wood Backgrounds

Five Old Rough Weatherboard Wall White Wood BackgroundsDownload

Rough Diamond Plate Metal Texture

Rough Diamond Plate Metal TextureDownload

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