There is a certain charm around the geometrical patterns that make the designs so much better visually. And the geometry is not something new to designers, as it has been around in nature as well. Wood texture in specific gives a very soothing effect to the viewer’s eyes. You may also see Noise Textures.

And the same can be achieved with the use of parquet textures. So we present to you our compiled list of different parquet textures and patterns which are both free and premium and give a photorealistic look when used as a background or any other design element. You may also check Aluminium Textures.

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Parquet Gray Ash Texture

Check out this design of the parquet texture that is set in a grayish shade that looks like the surface of a wooden table. You may also see Chrome Textures.

White Wood Flooring Parquet Texture

Here is a simple texture that has been digitally created and is set in a resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Dirty Floor Parquet Texture


This texture, as the name suggests, is on a dirty wooden floor with fungus growing along the borders of the wood used.

Seamless Parquet Texture

Here is a seamless texture of the mahogany and oak like material that looks similar to what a wooden flooring would look like.

High Resolution Parquet Texture

In this link, you will come across different parquet floor textures set in a size of 3300 x 3300 pixels that you can download for a mere five dollars.

Amazing Parquet Tileable Texture

Check out this gray paving slabs set in the parquet texture that you can download a high-resolution file available in different sizes for you to pick from.

Illustrative Wood Parquet Texture

Here is another wooden texture that has been illustrated on a computer and can be downloaded as an editable vector from the given link.

Elegant Parquet Floor Texture

This design will give you the inspiration to create your own parquet texture that you can later use in your design as backgrounds.

Herringbone Parquet Texture

Here is an oak herringbone parquet texture that is not set horizontally, but at an angle, similar to what the window sheets look like.

Illustrated Parquet Vector Texture

Here is another digitally illustrated vector texture that you can download and customize before using for your own ideas.

Texture Of Wooden Oak Parquet

Download this amazing oak parquet texture with a high contrast to give your design a rustic and vintage look.

Parquet HD Seamless Texture

Here is a classic looking parquet texture with a wooden look that you can download a high-resolution file to use and customize.

Vintage Wooden Parquet Texture

Wooden backgrounds always generate that vintage look if used correctly. Here is a similar texture that you can download in various sizes optimized for web and print purposes.

Brown Parquet Mahogany Texture

Here is a dark parquet texture that you can mix up with text in bright colors to create an amazing design.

High Quality Parquet Texture

Here is a texture available in a resolution of 2150 x 1530 pixels for you to download and use from the given URL.

Parquet Photoshop Texture

Parquet Flooring Texture Background

Parquet Seamless Texture Yellow

4 Worn Parquet Textures

Scratchy Parquet Exterior Floor Texture

Photoshop Free Parquet Texture

These high-quality wooden patterns can be used as backgrounds for flyers, brochures, and other stationary. You can also use it for creating restaurant menus if used with chalk like artwork and text. Or you can use novelty fonts and create amazing greeting cards with it too. While most of them seemed similar to floor patterns, there are also wooden wall textures that you can use too.

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