Apply the scratched metal textures to your projects to give them uniqueness and attractiveness! These rubbed seamless metal textures are useful while giving a classic look to any layout. Be it website or blog, the scratched metal textures are getting trendy in every designing part as they have a stunning and striking appearance that is required to attract visitors. Take your online business to next level of success using these incredibly beautiful flat metal textures.

17 Scratched and Scrapped Metal Textures

Scratched and Scrapped Metal TexturesDownload Button

10 High Res Free Tileable Seamless Metal Textures

High Res Tileable Seamless Metal TexturesDownload Button

High Res 8 Tileable Scratch Metal Texture

Tileable Scratch Metal TextureDownload Button

Scratched Metal Texture

scratched-metal-textureDownload Button


Large Scratch Textures Pack

Large Scratch Textures PackDownload Button


Download Rusty Scratch Metal Texture

Download Rusty Scratch Metal TextureDownload Button


From the scribbled metal surface to dirty, spoilt metal texture, patterns are available, here! Designers will certainly be glued to this exclusive collection as it contains metal textures that have a sensible and realistic look. So what are you thinking? Take this chance to download as many metal texture as you want, after all, they are absolutely free to download!

Scratched Gold Metal Texture

Scratched Gold Metal TextureDownload Button


Slide Scratch Metal Texture

Slide Scratch Metal TextureDownload Button

Scratched Metallic Texture with Grunge Effect

Scratched Metallic Texture with Grunge EffectDownload Button


Free Scratched Copper Metal Texture

Free Scratched Copper Metal TextureDownload Button

Rusty Scratch Metal Texture

Rusty Scratch Metal TextureDownload Button




If you are searching for the vivid colour scratched metal texture, then the rusted metal textures will be the ideal one. Ageing or rusting of the scratched part of metal is focused in the textures that create an amazing pattern. In addition, these Photoshop backgrounds can be used as desktop or twitter background as it enhances the overall look of the layout.

Scratched Metal Texture for Free Download

Scratched Metal TextureDownload Button

Metal Texture with Scratches

Metal Texture with ScratchesDownload Button

Shiny Scratch Metal Texture

Shiny Scratch Metal TextureDownload Button

Free Rusty Metal Textures with Scratches

Free Rusty Metal Textures with ScratchesDownload Button

Scratched Metal Stock Texture

Scratched Metal Stock TextureDownload Button


Check the exciting assortment of metal textures like brushed metal textures, metal sheet textures and much more in abundant shades and forms. Don’t miss this opportunity to download the exceptional textures which will definitely make the visitors take a glance of your artwork! Create some extraordinary artistic stuff using scratched metal texture that will impress your clients instantly!

Scratched Copper Metal Texture

Scratched Copper Metal TextureDownload Button


Scratched Steel Metal Texture

Scratched Steel Metal TextureDownload Button

High Res Rusty Scratches Texture

High Res Rusty Scratches TextureDownload Button


Scratchy Rusted Metal Texture

Scratchy Rusted Metal TextureDownload Button

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