Every computer and internet user has to download or convert files at least once a day. To make their wait less boring and maybe a little less painful, you can employ these creative and interesting progress bars in to your websites. They are equipped to show progress status in a multi-step process, and show real time download progress, while being attractive and out of the box.

Mini Progress Bar PSD

Free Clean Progress Bar Design

Simple Dark Downloading Progress Bar

Loading Progress Bar Free PSD

Loading Shape Progress Bar Design

Redefine the boring download sessions

During dull download sessions, users are more likely to swipe through, click and discontinue to procedure. To increase the download rate of your content or to get more users to sign up to your website through a multiple step process, you should definitely employ one of these amazingly creative progress bars. You can find them as PSD files free download, where all editable PSD vector layers ensure that you can edit the color gratings, transparency, add items and remove elements from these PSD files before finalizing on a design.

Loading Bar PSD

Color Changing Download Progress Bar

Progress Round Bar Download Button PSD

Free PSD Status Bar Design

Download Detailed Progress Bar PSD

Rounded Progress Meter Design

Loading Free Stuff Progress Bar

Loading Bar PSD for Free Download

Loading Bar Free PSD

Downloading Progress Bar PSD

Download Pretty Little Progress Bar

Free PSD Metal Texture Progress Bar Design

Inspire your users with color changing download trackers

All of these featured designs are free. The premium quality ensures that you can use them commercially without making too many changes on the templates. The best of these progress trackers will inspire your users to go through all necessary steps of loading. You can also check out the new color changing download bars which display progress by changing hues. If you are committed to making your website and downloads more popular among the users then you should download one of our free samples today.

Download Free Vector Progress Bar

Uploading Status Bar

Free Vector Progress Bar

Free PSD Circular Progress Bar

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