Product packaging has evolved in a big way, especially over the last decade. As the world’s consumers grow more and more visually-driven, it is a must for industries to step up to the trend and make their brands and businesses just as visually-impactful so that they can establish a fast and long-lasting identity and presence in the marketplace. Let’s take the example of soaps. There are innumerable soap brands in the world and all of them have witnessed a packaging makeover from time to time, in order to stay relevant in the public eye. Take a leaf from that and check out our collection of soap packaging designs. You can also see Coffee Packaging.

Supree Soap Packaging Design

This soap packaging design consists of three different color variations signifying three different fragrances – milk, lavender, and verbena. The colors and patterns used on the paper packaging are done in pastels. You can also see Chocolate Packaging.

Artist’s Soap Packaging Design

This soap packaging template is very off-beat in many respects. The template looks attractive for sure. The black and white pattern design of the package is cleverly contrasted using a white label with black and pink fonts. You can also see Pizza Packagings.

Pears Soap Box Constructivism Packaging

Combining red, black and golden colors, this soap packaging design is born. The design is clearly inspired by Constructivism and adventure fonts have been added to give the packaging extra appeal. You can also see

Soap Box Packaging Design Template

If you prefer box packaging for your brand of soaps, you must download and make use of any or all of the three soap packaging templates featured here. All of the samples are photorealistic and wired with changeable elements.

Mini Hand Soap in Pillow Box Packaging

Check out this high quality and photorealistic soap packaging mockup. You can download and personalize the design elements easily. The template contains 5 PSD files. All the elements including the soap and box are editable.

Blanche Soap Packaging Square Design

If you’re looking to use a packaging template which has flowery elements and vintage feel, this template nails the brief perfectly. The easily-customizable soap box template features classic design lines with a vintage fabric print flair.

Handmade Soap Packaging & Wrapping Paper Template

This is a bundle pack of packaging templates. Each template has a seamless pattern design which can be used for soaps which will get packaged using paper materials.

Cardboard Soap Packaging

Cardboard packaging is ideal for all kinds of soaps, especially herbal ones. If that is your soap-specialty, check out this well-crafted vintage beige-color packaging design template. All the elements on the template can be revised according to preference.

White and Black Blank Soap Packaging


If plain packaging is what you’re after, check out this vector. It contains White and Black Blank Food Packaging vectors. This template can be used to pack all kinds of food items.

Beauty Soap Box Packaging Template

This is another winsome packaging option that you can choose for your soap. All the aspects and elements provided in this template are revisable and fixable according to choice.

Soap Packaging Pack Box Design

This is a high-resolution soap packaging vector in all-white. The vector displays a package box template. The vector can be adjusted in terms of size to suit the needs of the project.

Natura Soap Packaging Design

This particular soap packaging design is most apt for eco-friendly and herbal soaps. The kind of design elements shown in this template is ideal for box packs and silkscreen or digital printing on any type of paper.

Bar of Soap With Soap Packaging

This is a signature classical-style bar soap packaging vector. The vector is high-resolution ad well-equipped to be sized according to the needs of the project.

Organic Soap Packaging

This soap box design example features a background pattern in a compact structure of the word ’’soap’’ in strong, non-editable fonts, written in over 30 languages. Of course, that and other aspects are fully-editable.

ZADOR Soap Manufactory Packaging Design

This kind of manufactory packaging design is perfect for brands that produce and sell soaps of the natural variety. You can alter artwork and other elements in the template and make it unique.

Mini Hand Soap Packaging Design

Printable Soap Packaging Design Template

Blank Soap Packaging Box Template

Pure Soap Boxes Packaging Design

Misaki Soap Packaging Design

Helleo Natural Soap Packaging Design

Soaps must look good and smell good, and they must be skin-friendly. All the three aspects have to be equally controlled by producers. We have played our part and provided you assistance by giving you a lineup of editable high quality soap packaging templates to make your soap look good from the outside!

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