15+ Free PSD Unique Toggle Button Designs

Toggle buttons are not that uncommon, in fact they are necessary for a variety of different websites. The problem is finding diversity in the toggle button designs. This is a compilation of the best toggle switch PSD files. They come in handy when you want to add a simple switch to your website maybe to control sound, brightness, annotations etc.

Free PSD Toggle On/Off Button Design


Sleek Progress Bar & Toggle Buttons PSD Design


Free Metal Toggle Switch Variations


Active/Inactive Toggle Button Free PSD


Metal Toggle Add/Remove Button


Dark Essentials Switches & Toggle Buttons PSD


Fast, free toggle button integration

With a long list of available PSD designs it often becomes difficult to choose the right one for your website. In this regard the choice is easy. It is understood that not all web designers are expert with Photoshop. So these PSD files free download are created in such a way that they require minimum editing post download. You can save the changes made to the different customizable PSD vector layers, include connotations and posts as to the function of the switch before saving the final designs.

Free Flat Toggle Style On/Off Switches Buttons PSD


Download Free Toggle On/Off Switch PSD


Download On/Off Switches and Toggle PSD Design UI Elements


Minimal Photoshop, Maximum output

The new and free Toggle buttons PSD designs have proven that you do not require an extensive knowledge of Photoshop, a great budget or a huge amount of time in hand to integrate these toggle switches to your newly formed website. They can be switch cum sliders which are more preferred when it comes to volume and brightness controls. The designs are simple and yet pretty unique. You can download flat buttons PSD files for your website as well. Premium round button PSD files are also available which are best recommended as enable/disable switches.

Free Toggle Speaker Buttons PSD


Download Toggle Buttons PSD


Download Free PSD On/Off Toggle Buttons


Download Free Flat Toggle Buttons PSD


Toggle Switches with Lights and Shadow PSD


Download Toggle On/Off Switches PSD


Download Free Metallic On/Off  UI Elements PSD


3 Colored Toggle Switch Buttons PSD


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