For people who love to put different wallpapers on their devices, trying solid wallpapers that display monochrome patterns is worthwhile. You can put up solid colorful wallpapers that shows your favourite hue. This way you get a chance to have the sight of your favourite colour on your gadgets. Every colour has its own characteristics and gives a new feeling each time you glimpse at it.

Solid Shades Diagonally Wallpaper

Solid Shades Diagonally WallpaperSource

Amazing Solid Wallpaper For Free

Amazing Solid Wallpaper For freeSource

Awesome Solid Backgrounds

Amazing Solid BackgroundsSource

Minimalistic Purple Solid Wallpaper

Minimalistic Purple Solid WallpapersSource

Orange Solid Wallpaper For You

Orange Solid Wallpaper For YouSource

Solid Color HD Wallpaper

Solid Color HD WallpaperSource

The most popular solid wallpaper colours come in the shades of rainbow. However one can download HD wallpapers of one’s favourite hue and use it as wallpaper. The beauty of monochromatic hues lies in its simplicity which makes them perfect as widescreen desktop wallpapers.

Solid Green Color Wallpaper

Solid Green Color WallpaperSource

Bright Solid Color Wallpaper

Bright Solid Color WallpaperSource

Blood Reddish Solid Background

Blood Reddish Solid BackgroundsSource

Rose Pink Solid Wallpaper

Rose Pink Solid WallpaperSource

Fresh Green Solid Wallpaper

Fresh Green Solid WallpaperSource

These wallpapers help to create a dramatic effect on your boring screens. You can download these high resolution images for free from the web. Solid wallpapers usually do not have any other design elements except solid colour. However you may find some wallpapers with a gradient texture which makes the wallpaper appear projected at the centre.  This gives an enhanced visual appeal to the wallpaper.

 Solid Rainbow Color Wallpaper

Solid Rainbow Color WallpaperSource

Fabulous Solid Wallpaper

Fablous Solid WallpaperSource

Solid Bright Background

Solid Bright BackgroundSource

Light Cream Solid Wallpaper

Light Cream Solid WallpaperSource

Beautiful Brown Solid Wallpaper

Beautiful Brown Solid WallpaperSource

Solid wallpapers come as high quality wallpapers which look amazing on screen. Using these images will make sure that wallpaper doesn’t look stretched. These wallpapers are also used in designing as artists use them as backgrounds for their creations. The texture of solid wallpapers is really impressive.

Colorful Solid Stripes Wallpaper

Colorful Solid Stripes WallpaperSource

Wooden Solid Dark Wallpaper

Wooden Solid Dark WallpaperSource

Black Textured Backgrounds

Black Textured BackgroundsSource

Solid Circular Wallpaper For Free

Solid Circular Wallpaper For freeSource

Non Woven Wallpaper For Desktop

Non Woven Wallpaper For desktopSource

High Quality Solid Wallpaper

High Quality Solid WallpaperSource

. Having your favourite colour on your gadget’s screen will make sure you stay happy. So you can indulge in the beauty of solid colours even when you are stressed at workplace.  

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