Posters are a very cost efficient and creative way of marketing and also one of the oldest methods of marketing. Poster designs play a very crucial role in poster making as the poster is going to be etched into the minds of the targeted consumers. The more innovative and catchy the poster design, the number of customers or audience which would be attracted towards your events or products will increase. There are various categories of poster designs which you can consider for publicizing your next event or products.

Event Poster Designs

Event poster designs are a creative way of making your event noticeable and get maximum visitors for the same. Be it any public event you can get a lot of poster design ideas which will help you to create a creative poster design for your next event and make it popular just because of its poster.

Multicolor Event Poster

Schedule Event Poster

School Poster Designs

If you are looking to promote school events like fairs, exhibitions, summer courses, exams etc. using school poster design is a perfect way to inform about the same through posters. There are a lot of poster design templates which are available on the internet, in different and vibrant colors to make the posters attractive.

Kindergarten Poster Design

Back to School Sale Poster

Movie Poster Designs

The best way to promote a movie is through posters as a movie is recognized by the poster it has. To create a movie poster you need unique poster design ideas as the poster you create for the movie should be unique and never seen before. You can search for poster design inspirations on the internet to create a unique movie poster design.

Christmas Movie Poster Design

A3 – Movie Poster Print

Music Poster Designs

Music poster designs are used for promoting music concerts, music shows, and music albums or can also be used for promoting music classes. Music poster designs usually have the music related graphics in the poster. You can find creative poster design ideas where graphics of instruments like guitar, piano, headphones are portrayed in a creative way.

Simple & Classic Music Poster

Music Celebration Party Poster

Conference Poster Designs

Conference poster is a great way of informing the people about your conference. As the conference is related to a theme or a topic, the poster design templates should be chosen accordingly.

Worship Conference Poster

Marketing Graphic Conference Posters

Advertising Poster Designs

Advertising poster design can be used for creating posters for advertising products, places like restaurants cafes, book stores, and jewelry stores and so on. These poster design templates are subjective in nature and depend upon the subject of the advertisement. You can look up for creative poster ideas which will help you in creating an innovative poster.

Hamburger Advertise Poster

Adidas Promoting Poster Advertisement

Vintage Poster Designs

Old is gold. Vintage posters are a creative way to stand out and grab the attention of the target audience or consumers. Vintage posters are old poster designs which were present in the 18th and 19th century. The templates of vintage poster designs are readily available and you can select or even create a new poster design based on the same.

Breakfast Vintage Poster Design

Vintage Colour Party Poster

Sports Poster Designs

With the constant ongoing sports tournaments, a sports poster design is a creative plus informative way to let the people know about the upcoming sports tournaments and events. These poster design templates are dedicated to a single sport wherein the graphics are related to a particular sport.

Photoshop Sports Poster Design

Customized Sports Poster

Fashion Poster Designs

Fashion poster designs deal with promoting fashion shows, store promotions, and fashion brand promotion. Fashion poster design templates have creative graphics related to the fashion world like pictures of models, clothes, and accessories.

Elegance Fashion Party Poster

Branding Fashion Layout Posters

Free Poster Designs

Free poster designs can be used for any event or advertising. These poster design templates are neutral in nature and you can promote anything you wish using the creative poster designs available.

Free Summer Festival Poster

Real Estate Poster Design

Party Poster Designs

Party poster design templates usually have a dark background with a use of vibrant neon colors. Using catchy and creative poster designs you can gain more attention and visitors for your upcoming party.

Night Disco Party Poster Design

Halloween Party Poster

Club Poster Designs

Club poster designs depict nightlife and thus have dark backgrounds with graphics such as dancing people, disco lights, neon graphics etc. There are various poster design templates available in PSD format which you ca buy or download for free.

Disco Club Poster Design

Electric Club Party Design

Wedding Poster Designs

Wedding posters are a different way of sending your wedding invitations. Instead of sending the traditional wedding invitations wedding posters are a creative way of doing the same. Wedding poster design templates have floral designs and hearts and even pictures of the bride and groom.

Retro Wedding Poster Design

Customized Wedding Poster

Christmas Poster Designs

The purpose of Christmas posters is promoting different events in Christmas such as Christmas parties, Christmas sales, Christmas markets etc. These poster design templates have graphics of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Christmas wreaths and so on.

Highly Editable Christmas Poster

Golden Merry Christmas Poster

Bus Stop Poster Designs

An ideal location for displaying posters is the bus stop as you can get a lot of public attention in that way. The most important aspect for a bus stop poster design template is the size of the poster. The graphics of the poster should look good in the size of the poster as it is comparatively big than the other normal posters.

Download Bus Stop Poster

Bus Stop Billboard Poster

Summer Poster Designs

In summer there are various events such as summer camps, summer parties, beach parties, cocktails etc. Creating a poster for the promotion of the same is the best idea to promote the events. Summer poster design templates are fresh with summery colors and pictures of the sun, beach, and flowers.

Summer Party Poster

Summer Dance Party Poster

Travel Poster Designs

Travel posters are used for promoting tourism for various places or even for promoting trips. Travel poster design templates have beautiful and eye-catching events of the places for which the poster is intended for.

Ship and Plane Travel Poster

High-Resolution Travel Poster

Business Poster Designs

Business posters are used for promoting various businesses or business events. Being official in nature the colors used in these poster design templates are subtle but solid. You won’t find vibrant or colorful business posters. Depending upon the business a particular color theme is followed.

Corporate Business Poster

 Business Poster Design For Desktop

Wanted Poster Designs

Unlike other poster designs wanted posters are used for recruiting employees, or getting a professional service. The wanted poster design templates are informative and give an idea of what is expected from the people who wish to apply for the job.

Fabulous Wanted Poster Design

Vintage Western Wanted Poster

Corporate Poster Designs

If you are arranging a corporate seminar or conference corporate poster will help you for informing the people about it. Corporate poster design templates follow a color scheme and usually you will find solid colors like blue, green, maroon etc.

Corporate Business Poster Design

Minimal Corporate Simple Poster

Concert Poster Designs

Concert Posters play a very important role in promoting concerts. Concert poster design templates include the spaces for the pictures of the performers, venue detail and time, and price of the tickets. This poster acts as a complete brochure but in a creative medium.

Jazz Music Concert Poster

Rock Festival Concert Poster

Dance Poster Designs

Promoting dance shows, concerts, and dance classes are very easy if you have a creative poster design. Dance poster design templates feature graphics related to the various concerned dance forms.

Realistic Dance Party Poster

Dancing Bear Trail Poster

New Year Poster Designs

New Year parties and events are the major attractions every new year. With a lot of competition to attract the public to your party, you need to design a very creative poster. With graphics of fireworks and bright colors, you can find many creative poster designs for promoting your New Year events.

Retro New Year Poster

New Year Party Bokeh Poster

All the above-mentioned poster design templates are available online in PDS format. You can download the same for free on some websites whereas to maintain the uniqueness of every poster you would also have to buy the poster design templates online. Once you download the poster design templates you can edit them as per your requirements.

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