Do you feel like the font style of your blog is a little outdated? Does your mood board, mock-up, booth, or bulletin display look nothing short of drab, dull, plain, blah, or meh? We know how frustrating it gets sometimes, so we understand if you feel the need to wring your hair out or hit your head against a hard, flat surface.

But luckily for you, we offer you these Free Alphabet Letter designs. With a wide range of styles and formatsSVG, PSD, AI Illustrator, OTF, and TTF, to name a fewthere’s truly something for you in these cool script letters.

Theos Script Letters

Theos Script Letters

Of Fonts and Stencils

With the recent popularity of brush pens and modern calligraphy, it is no wonder how everyone has been incorporating their own signature script into almost everything from personal books of favorite quotes, greeting cards, Facebook timeline photos to various name brand ads, and so on and so forth. Certainly, with these Alphabet Letters, you may join in on the bandwagon and gain more traffic for your blog and/or attract more attention to your body of work.

Evident in our collection is the number of ways you can go with these scripts.

  • Standard script

You can download a little number like the “Fancy Script Letters” and use it however you will, or for the on-paper types of projects, you can opt for a bit of spray paint maybe and the “Cursive Script Letters” stencil.

  • Chunky

Who can pass up the good old bold, chunky letters? Make your bedroom wall extra snazzy with some punk-looking font like the one seen in “Graffiti Script Letters.”

  • Ye olde

If you’re working on something more period specific, say, a fairy-tale storybook with knights and princesses, these “Old English Script Letters” are gonna be perfect for you!

  • Calligraphy

Of course, there are the ever prominent modern calligraphy variants like “Theos Script Letters” and “Jasmine Script Letters.”

Printable Script Letters

Printable Script Letters

Lowercase Script Letters

Lower Case Script Letters

To Letter Your Works with Beauty

We know that we all have a bit of a craftsy bug inside us. You’ve probably already thought of the many ways you could use these bad boys. On that note, here are a few suggestions on how you can use these downloadable cool script letters:

  • Blog or online journal

It’s an inherent quality that we all enjoy expressing ourselves through whatever means and mediums. One of those mediums is a blog or an online journal. A lot of us who do keep one update it regularly but neglect to do the same to the aesthetics. With any one of these cool script letters, that won’t be a problem for long.

  • Cutouts for display

Whatever display you’re working on—it could be for your setup at the science fair or the bulletin board down the first-floor hallway—you can use these fonts to spice things up a bit. All you have to do is download, blow it up to your desired size, print, and cut.

  • Template for molds

If you’re interested in making a custom stencil or a custom baking mold, you can gather some inspiration from any of these script letters as to the look that you want.


So you have your options and suggestions. All there’s left to do is to download!

(For those of you who prefer something less flat, here are some 3D Letters instead.)

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